Coronavirus 2019

We don’t have a Coronavirus thread, so I created one to discuss the extension of this virus in the world and the effects socials and economic. And how each governement will respond to it.

Current status:

It’s being discussed in this thread, far as I’ve been able to tell:

Probably not a bad idea to start it’s own thread though.

it’s 2020

I think the official name was COVID-19. It was detected first in 2019.

We still dont know if started from chinese people eating wild animals like pangolins and bats, or from the bio laboratory in the same area.

It was surely aliens. /s

Meanwhile, in the real world:

I would not call it a conspiracy theory. Just a theory. Conspiracy is that it was leaked purposely trying to achieve whatever. “They where making test with the virus and it leaked” is not a conspiracy. I don’t think is a important distinction.

My theory:
Somebody had animals in cages and these animals had the infection, the virus jumped from the animals to a human, and from the human back to the animals, and then back to the human again.

Example of life far from Wuhan

I think the Olimpics should be cancelled

Olympics start in late July though. I’m sure if things are looking bad at that time, they’ll look into whether canceling is a good idea.

You might be right, but what a decision that would be. Billions of dollars have already been spent by corporations around the globe, with the hope of payoff during the weeks of the event.

I mean it’d be the right decision if things aren’t under control, but wow, it’d be historic.

Could they just cancel the audience tickets and still broadcast? Or I guess that’d be bad for the athletes since they live in such close quarters in those dorms.

The virus news talk about a infection in iran. Iraq has closed borders.

Is very hard to control this bug, it seems to infect many people very quick with minimal exposition. People infected can do their normal routines, is the people with old age or health problems that need auxiliar respiration and some of them die. A single person can infect 90 others before the authorities stop him or her. And by that time, you have 50.000 infected.

r0 seems to be between 2 and 3.

When you read the news about 1 person dying from this, it means around 400 people had it when that person was infected, 2 weeks ago.

Response from authorities have some “lag” and sometimes follow some “hilarious” mistakes or bad moves. Some infected people attend large people meetings before getting quarantined.

Yeah I have to think that there are a lot more cases in a lot more countries than are reflected in the official numbers right now. A Canadian woman got it from a trip to Iran. Lots of cases in Singapore but Indonesia still lists as none? No cases in sub-Saharan Africa?

I believe there are two types of countries.
Countries that test the virus.
Countries that ignore the problem.

Is the countries that search for the virus that find it.
Or maybe its really confined by climate? I think Iran is very mountainous.

Given the outbreaks in Singapore, it seems unlikely to be wholly stopped by warm climate.

This sounds cheery:

Asked whether the outbreak is at a “tipping point” after new cases of infections and deaths from COVID-19 were reported in Iran and Lebanon, the WHO’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said he still believed the virus could be contained, but noted that “the window of opportunity is narrowing, so we need to act quickly before it closes completely.”

If you think we should be investing more in public health, research, pandemic defense, etc, could call your local rep. Only 24 Senators here

Well both my former and current senators among those 24. Hooray for good reps.