Corporate Office365 start page in Microsoft Edge

Anyone else get the MSN + corporate start page in Edge that’s full of clickbait?

Just checked mine. No adds. Just a picture and recent docs.

I get this abomination, uBlock Origin doesn’t work on it. Bing search engine by default, also searches intranet:

I don’t have any of the tabs you do, just the Office 365 tab and that’s it. Our computers are locked down hard though, so that is probably why. I went through the different Edge modes (Focus, etc) and still didn’t get any of what you are seeing.

I think this was a choice/option set by IT/management. The worst thing is all the news articles go to US prices/US holidays etc not Canadian.

That looks similar to the standard Startup Page. With the standard Consumer version of Edge you can turn everything on the Startup Page off. Mine only shows recently visited pages, the Bing search bar, and the temperature outside.

Try going to the little Gear icon in the top-right of the page. Switch to “Custom” layout and turn Content to “Off” and see if that helps. The Temperature seems to be coming from the “Greeting” so you can turn that off as well.

Thanks for the suggested fixes. I can easily replace it with about:blank if I wanted to just complaining to see if anyone else is saddled with it by default—guess not!