Corrupt gov palin's yahoo emails:

using a yahoo account to try and avoid subpeona–4chan hacked her account anyways it seems.

Can we afford a vice president who doesn’t understand the clear superiority of gmail?

Dude, she was brought in to offset McCain’s crippling ineffectiveness with the computer! She not only uses email, she sets up multiple personal accounts!

Edit: Like her or not, just looked at that link, hacking into her personal email and posting the personal emails, family photos, etc. is Not Good.

How hard is it to hack a yahoo account?

Not very hard if the password sucks, I’m going to guess one of her kid’s names.

or it could just be a random word from the dictionary.

oh wait

I just feel sorry for her daughter, god knows what 4chan is emailing to her. I wouldn’t wish that on my own worst enemy.

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. That is a bit disturbing.

No kidding.


It’s worse than that. They have Bristol’s cellphone number.

If she’s smart, she’ll smash that cell phone to bits with a hammer, and then bury the pieces.

Looking at 4chanarchive (and elsewhere), it looks like the Anonymous hacker blew it by revealing the password to everyone before saving the emails, so apparently they pretty much only have that shot of the index.

I’m imagining opposition researchers looking into links to the Obama campaign, checking out 4chan, and their heads exploding.

Yeah, the only stuff that got saved is now up on Wiki Leaks.

I literally shuddered. They have her phone number too.

I don’t think the hacker blew it, he just didn’t care – wasn’t curious about the mail itself. I think it’s pretty funny that anonymous is referred to as ‘activists’.

That picture made my day.