Corruption 2029 - Tactical strategy from Mutant Year Zero team

Kind of a weird no-notice launch on the Epic Store. Saw it in the Mutant Year Zero thread and figured it could use its own thread.

Why does the invisible guy give a hand signal?

The game is still gamepad-centric like MYZ. Would like better mouse controls.

I would like to know if the mechanics are different than MYZ. I didn’t care for them if its the same mechanics, then ill pass.

If you want to dig deeper, @DeepT, I saw that CohhCarnage did a 9 or 10 part playthrough of the game a week ago. I haven’t watched any but I bet going in and watching 5 minutes would answer your question.

First episode is here:

I’ve only played a hour so far, busy finishing Divinity 2. I liked it, seems similar, but the weapons and skills appear to have a bit more depth. You start with a stealth weapon that if you kill on shooting, you dont start combat. I’m interested to see if you can maximize this as a tactic, since you can change out your teams weapons

The game is far less puzzly, and far more stealthy in its design. Of course you can power your way through straight gun fight, but its difficult.

The mods and weapons can all be replaced/customized, branching missions with more loot if you complete bonus objectives. Some cool new abilities, and its not a long game. I like it better than Mutant Year, but if you hated the first, this will probably not change your mind

One ugly bug if you change default resolution, but its not hard to fix.Perfect amount to hold me over till monday when Phoenix Point DLC and big update land.

yeah, pretty stupid if you think about it. lol

This. I had been playing a bunch of Mutant Year Zero lately. I really like it but I think this is a better game. There are more tactical options here to play with. You’ve got remote explosives (which are hella fun to set off in the middle of a building), environmental distractions and hackable turrets here to give you an edge.

I have two complaints.

  1. I really don’t get how sound works. Sometimes I can take a guy out with un-silenced weapons and no alarm goes off. Sometimes the alarm goes off. I know that alarming one person in a squad (there are usually two squads so far) will alarm everyone in that squad but sometimes I works like I expect and sometimes I can get away with literal murder. Really wish it gave some indication of how far the sound will travel.

  2. There only seem to be a few maps that get constantly reused. I’m early in the middle chapter of the game, so this may change, but I don’t think I’m going to see a lot more variety before the end.

I dont get the sound thing as well. Doesnt seem consistent. Even silenced weapons sometimes alert the corrupted. A little annoying.

The last half of the campaign against the corrupted requires you change tactics completely! Full on tactical battle fights, with a little usage of stealth/traps to survive. Doesnt feel puzzly because if you get high ground, you can just straight up duke it out with a little luck.

Finished, the game felt like it ended abruptly.

On the plus it didnt outlast its welcome, and i enjoyed not having a final boss fight that was insanely hard. There was a interesting twist at the end, but I took it out with a mine, so this made the last level feel somewhat normal, and i felt gratified and vaguely smart for avoiding a tougher fight than i needed to have.

Curious to anyone else playing. How do you stealth kill the corrupted that are health heavy? I can kill 1 with the 3 shot pistol ability and i can kill another by charging in and knocking it unconscious for a turn. but the power cool downs (by kill instead of time), make it tough to get a 3rd down. I ask because several optional objectives want you to stealth kill 5, which i dont see how is possible with the corrupted.