Cory Doctorow on eBooks

He’s on a roll lately.

Trying to read that fixed-pitch post made me go blind, and he meanders worse than a Paul Graham rant. Could you summarize his points, if any?

Eh? Looks like tightly structured argument to me.

science fiction will certainly weather the advent of bookwarez.

I agree with a lot of what Doctorow says (although not everything - notably his dismissal of reading a book versus reading the same text on a screen. I’ve got plenty of eBooks on my PDA and I’ve read a couple of novels online, but I’d still much rather settle down with a properly bound dead tree version rather than a monitor or my iPaq) but one obvious question springs to mind:

Science fiction? Have any books really taken off in non-nerd friendly genres - romance, say? There’s no shortage of sci-fi, fantasy and erotica…and you can certainly BUY most other genres at sites like, but have any of them proved particularly successful?