wow. 1

Good. Dude deserves some jail time for this.

Holy shit.

30yr max for 3 charges, but he’ll likely serve them concurrently, so ten yrs in jail.

Bill should know that you’ll never play the big rooms if you work blue.

Noped out before the Fox viewers could talk.

I was just talking to someone about this, and we were talking about how one of the things that is so weird here, is that Cosby did terrible things… But he also did lots of really good things. He funded so many scholarships, there are tons of poor kids who got to go to college because of Bill Cosby.

Dave Chappelle’s recent Netflix special explores that contradiction pretty thoroughly, albeit in an absurdly crass way!

Cosby’s conviction vacated and he is released.

This is one of those cases where…I think unfortunately, the correct ruling was made, if what I’m reading about it is true. I think 100% that Bill Cosby raped women. And I think he did so repeatedly, because he is a very bad human being.

But that 2005 agreement with then-Montgomery County DA Bruce Castor was a deal that appears to have made prosecution of Cosby on those charges a violation of his rights. Which, what the hell were they thinking.

And Castor, of course, is now a Trump election steal garbagelawyer.

Holey sheet.

The motherfucker got away with it.

He did serve two years in prison, so that’s something at least. I wonder if he can now sue the state? Of course the state could refile charges, too, I believe, so both sides may just slink off in silence.

I saw somewhere that the state cannot even re-file the charges, such is the limitations of that no-prosecution deal that Castor made with him in 2005.

Which is crazy.

His net worth according to google is 400 million, so I am sure he will want to disappear as much as possible.

When a professional entertainer has their public reputation and entire legacy irrevocably tarnished, is that really getting away with it? There’s more ways to punish people than just putting them in a room, after all.