Cosmic Sin (2021)

I mean it could be watchable? Right?

Hell, I’m in.

This is gonna suck so bad.

I mean, I’m still gonna watch it, but there’s no way it’s gonna be good.

Bruce has been trying to be more Nick Cage than Nick Cage lately. He’ll show up in anything for a check. He doesn’t chew scenery nearly as well, though, which ends up making the movies just boringly bad.

I mean, that seems like an interesting idea! And hey, there’s Frank Grillo! I like that guy! On the other hand, I can’t remember the last time I saw Bruce Willis in a movie where he didn’t seem to be basically pretending to be Marshawn Lynch, just showing up so he won’t get fined. But what the heck, I’ll watch the dude pretend to be Master Chief, why not.

While you wait, you can get your fix of Bruce Willis in space with this movie:


Probably either Fifth Element or Hudson Hawk? I’m not sure FE qualifies because I’m not sure he really rose to the occasion, despite how much I enjoyed that film. HH definitely had him having a good time though. Lol I don’t know things about movies though.

Nobody better bad mouth Fifth Element here. There might be fights.

The last two movies I have seen Willis in, Breach and Trauma Center, he has been absolutely terrible, completely phoning it in. That does not give me confidence in any production he gets top billing for.

Thanks Tom!

Yup. I’ll watch a bad Cage movie over a bad Willis movie any day. At least with Cage, there’s a small chance that it might be hilarious, or even turn out interesting.

God, Willis is really looking old in this. He doesn’t look badass. He’s one of the old guys sitting with the other old guys at McDonald’s griping about the state of the world. Shouldn’t he be playing cranky grandfathers now?

A quick glance through his imdb tells me he hasn’t given a shit since 2012. (Moonrise Kingdom and Looper.)

Nothing in that trailer makes me think this will be good or even average.

His TV commercial for Die Hard batteries was pretty good.

Well, the crashing drum index* on the trailer was off the charts, so I’m going to pass.

*a reliable measure of how much the movie is likely to suck, especially if it starts on a crash.

When was Reds? I thought he did a decent job in that. Reds2 was kinda mailed in.

RED was 2009, RED 2 was 2013.

Heh. Reds was 1981. And it was Warren Beatty.

I’m old, sue me.