Cost of living in Seattle


I had some friends move out here from Cincinnati. I think they enjoyed Seattle more than Cincinnati… in other words, the 38% increase in cost was worth it to them.

Although they are now relocating to the LA area, so go figure.

what… iceblocking at fairhaven park or canoodling in the tower atop sehome hill don’t count as nightlife?

… I get what you mean though… but I live near Everett now which has the same lack of nightlife as Bellingham but without the beautiful/fun surroundings.

Yeah, I’m kind of puzzled by Everett. They’ve done a great job updating the city with new stores and businesses, and they all fricking shut down by 6-7pm, even on weekends. WTF? It’s almost as bad as Whidbey.

If you move into Seattle city-proper, absolutely rent. It’s way overpriced considering how much of the city is in total disrepair, not to mention the total lack of a useful city infrastructure.

My main advice would be to suck up the highish prices (rent, in your case) and/or small apartment, and live in a decent neighborhood close to where you work. Everyone I know who has tried the “way out east/north/south” has hated it and given up on it; in general there’s nothing there other than housing, and the traffic will suck the life out of you. Maybe if you can get good bus service then it’s OK, but I think that rules out a lot of options.

Good luck,

Everett sucks. I feel sorry for anyone that lives there or even near there.

Check out Bothell as well. Its closer to the 405 and you should still be able to find a decent deal there.

You’re right. Everett sucks big time. There’s nothing good about Everett. It’s ugly, lacks culture, and has bad traffic. You’ve heard of having champagne taste with a beer budget? Having even an iota of taste and living in the Everett area is having champagne taste and living in a Mickey’s Malt Liquor market.

Bothell sucks too though. It just costs more.

Bothell sucks too though. It just costs more.


Bothell is 100x > then Everett with Bothell you are at least close to other stuff.

I’m not sure if this is the best slam on Bothell ever or a really weak defense of the town.

Anyway, at least Bothell has a Canyons - which has decent ribs a usually a good beer tap selection.

Plus free wireless! Canyon’s is the best chain ever.

There oughtta be a law… free wireless everywhere

Well Bothell is just a typical suburb.

As opposed to the coolest place in the Seattle-area-world: Ballard.

Its high school has the best mascot ever for a high school sports team (beavers)

It got made fun of on the best sketch comedy show ever (Almost Live)

And it has more Uff Da! bumper sticker per captia than… uh… wherever those Uff Da! people come from…

Oh dear lord Ballard…

The name says it all.

Canyon’s is also ridiculously overpriced.

I ate there tonight as a matter of fact - a pint of Red Hook and a Quesadilla cost me 15.82 plus tip. That’s just nucking futs. The Qusadilla was good, admittedly, but c’mon!

Anyway, I used to think Bothell sucked but I’ve been living up here for four months and I’m liking it alright. The neighborhood I’m in is genuinely nice; there’s a bus from the P&R that goes right to my office at work (literally right outside it, no walk at all!)

I keep reading this as you taking a bus from a place where otherwise sane and reasonable people turn into spiteful assholes frothing at the mouth and tearing one another to pieces with their bare hands.

Basically you’re correct. I’ve actually had people bitch me out for cutting in line (and by cutting in line I mean standing up from the bench and going to get on the bus). Like we’re six year olds filing up in the cafeteria for lunch instead of grown men waiting to get on a bus.

Cap hill is the bomb. Everything I need is within 10-20 blocks. I can walk to work downtown, walk to the store up the street, and generally avoid the beltown yuppies.

Comedy Bremerton option again =(


Ballard represent!!


It’s all about the Wes’ (Seattle) Side, ya’ll! Get a joint down near Alki Beach, where it’s like a little mini California in the summer, rock some Salty’s Sunday brunch or maybe some Alki Cafe challah (Holla!) french toast for breakfast, then park your phat ride on a nice wide open street for free and take the water taxi over to the downtown waterfront and get some lewt up in Pike’s Market…

Gatewood keepin’ it REAL!