Costume Quest's newest outfit turns it into a cartoon series

			    Costume Quest’s newest outfit turns it into a cartoon series
			      Nick Diamon, February 18, 2019
			         | News              

Where’s Costume Quest 3? It’s been five years since Costume Quest 2 popped out of Double Fine Productions and fans have been wanting a return to the imaginative world of Halloween costume fantasy and candy collecting ever since. Frederator Studios, the animation producers behind Adventure Time and Fairly OddParents, are serving up their first Amazon Prime series with Costume Quest, beginning on March 8th. It is based on the games.
It may not be Costume Quest 3, but the cartoon has an Uber-Lincoln, and nougat gives monsters power. Not a bad turn for the franchise that started as a Double Fine internal game-jam idea.


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These games were really good, innocent fun.

And afaik, they weren’t too costly to produce, so I always wondered where part 3 was.

A cartoon? Hm. Well, it is better than nothing.