Could -anyone- be qualified for this job posting?

…I hope it’s not an unpaid internship.

“an au pair who works 45 hours a week, a property manager and a gardener/handyman”

What? What the actual fuck? Also you need to be a lifeguard, cook, secretary, majordomo and a teacher. Basically “raise my kids and take care of my household for me”.

I think the female CEO is looking for a wife.

Just for the record, I am fully qualified. I do meet all of the criteria, to answer your thread title’s question. I don’t want to toot my own horn by describing publicly how and why I do so but if you really want to know I could be persuaded to reveal some details privately.

I only state this to say, with (near) absolute certainty, that I would never take this job, even if I lived in the area. The kind of person who writes a job posting like that is obviously the kind of person someone who meets all the criteria would not want to work for. Emotional intelligence, indeed.

Well, ok, maybe for a meeeelion bucks a year.

Need. MOAR. Guillotines.

I’ve known two people that have done this. One was a developmental of mine. Her richies have her a very nice house on the property. Her least favorite thing wasn’t raising the kids, but going on the vacations with them.

So the click-bait outrage-machine is now reduced to crying and bemoaning job postings? Whatevs.

Are you triggered, snowflake? Yes, this posting deserves to be mocked.

Triggered? No. Laughing? Yes.

What’s funny is how OCD the job posting is - instead of being succinct about things like “understand the diatery preferrences of the family and adjust meals accordingly” it goes into very, very specific detail about very definite examples. There’s also like a page and a half of very specific details about food preference and prep. It seems like a very, very picky person/family to work for, someone who takes bad meal choices personally because, like, omg how could you serve red meat.

However if you read between the lines there’s a lot going on there. They were not asking for a multi-purpose person, they already had an au pair, gardener, ect. “in collaboration with the parents and with the assistance of a housekeeper, a property manager, an au pair… a property manager, and a gardener/handyman. Much of the staff speaks English as a second language.” What they wanted was someone they can trust with their incredibly picky meal and vacation concerns.

It sort of sounds like a Faulty Towers skit in real life. “Manuel! I told you little timmy cannot eat overprocessed chia seeds!!”. They have all this ESL staff but are super picky and aren’t getting those picky needs attended to. The only thing they sort of cross over with is that they apparently also want a younger, probably attractive, probably female person who also likes swimming, biking and hiking.

But what they’re looking for is a word they apparently don’t know - a majordomo.

Wasn’t that Higgins in Magnum P.I.?

Wasn’t he a coloneldomo? Arigato.

He certainly was a Sergeant-Major

Rich people are weird. Film at eleven.

Yup, we know CEO are sociopaths. Now they even advertise that they are.

Turn up all the time in 40k. The CEO should have visited more inquisitor’s households and planetary governors.

The woman who started this seems to have had second thoughts and deleted her account, along with the original tweet chain.

I get Magnum PI and the Equalizer mixed up at this point.

Magnum P.I. had that cute guy. Equalizer was more hard core ugly dude.

“It sounds like what they need is a good butler to run their household, who can then”… raise the children to be emotionally stunted crime fighters after the parents are brutally murdered.