Could I please get some Animal Crossing assistance?

My wife can’t seem to advance her game of Animal Crossing any further until she has someone visit her town and I guess purchase at least one item from Tom Nook there - so I’m told. We tried hooking up with you guys in the “Haul 16 cherries” thread to no avail. So, I’d like to deliberately arrange for a mutual town visit with someone.


I see Chris Irmo on right now, but he must not be in invite mode.

Anyway, toss me an IM at Moruzsa (AIM) or 3632710 (icq) and we’ll get this done.


Wha? I haven’t played in like a month. Maybe you see me with a green triangle in your friends list, meaning that at some point we were online at the same time, but I definitely haven’t been actually online with this in a while. I’m scared to go back now, my town’s probably a wasteland.

Me 'n Aszurom took care of this earlier tonight – my wife was in the same bind. Nookington’s for everyone!

While we are on the subject of assistance, does anyone have to forward ports in order to get the online play to work?

My friend and I can’t seem to connect and he’s sure you need to forward ports. I haven’t bothered to try this yet but Mario Kart works just fine without doing so.

Not forwarding any ports whatsoever.

I had to get the USB dongle. My netgear refuses to work with Nintendo’s WFC entirely, despite stellar performance elsewhere.

I tried DMZ’ing and port forwarding, and port forwarding did seem to improve communications. It was still insufficient for keeping a connection active.

Wish there was a game like this for PC… or my PSP, something i can pick up and cary with me and just turn on anywhere to find other players…

Dreamy dream dream.