Could Juno: New Origins be the next Kerbal Space Program?

I agree with your points.

Money is tight in the early campaign. I’ve found if I fail a mission or launch I can refund the build cost by redoing/retrying the last launch and then recovering the vehicle on the launchpad. I had to do that several times while optimizing my rocket for the fireworks missions. Those were fun after I figured out the refund steps. Mission payout was 20k while my vehicle was costing around 19k. I stripped out all no essentials to get the second stage fuel tank over 13000 altitude. Explosions are non existent to me.

After that I unlocked the orbiting tutorial. The tutorials are well done. You can get deep into resizing the nozzle geometry, which is cool but can get finicky. You do get good feedback on the right side properties tab. After getting to orbit I was rolling in money.

I’m not sure if the cost refund steps also will roll back flight achievements needed to get tech points. The flight redo will negate any mission completion.

Ditto agree with all of your points. I have not played the game, since I got to orbit. The orbit mission did have a nice tutorial.

I think the other thing it is missing big time is the atmosphere. Explosions are a huge part, so would better sounds. The goofy description of the parts, and the fantastic expression of Jedi, Valentina and the whole Kerbal cast went a long way to creating a fun experience. Sadly Juno’s atmosphere is sterile

Can that be modded in? Bigger explosions etc