Could someone explain this memory issue and athlon 64 cpus?

I was browsing toms hardware and came across this article about memory and athlon 64s

Honest, I don’t understand it. It sounds like to me that:

  1. Most athlon64 motherboards have issues with pc3200 memory
  2. Its best to have just one 512 meg chip
  3. If you need more than 512, you need to use pc2700 memory
  4. Or find motherboard and memory that match and work according this chart

Thanks for clearing it up.

I don’t have any clarification on those charts, but (for anecdotal purposes) I have an Athlon64 on an Asus K8V-SE Deluxe mobo with 1 Gb of Corsair PC3200 (two 512Mb RAMs). Not one problem yet, even running this goddawful WindowsXP shite.

I’ve got a ASUS A8V with 2x 512 MB sticks of Corsair XMS 3200 RAM alongside a 3800+ and it’s rock stable.