Could Steambox bring sports games back to PC?

Excluding the WII U, the two big consoles are going to be closer to a standard PC than ever before. Most of the Sony PS4 is off-the-shelf hardware (with tweaks of course) and I’m guessing to keep costs competitive Microsoft will be doing the same thing unless they decide to pull the “you’ll want to work overtime to buy our awesome console!”… line. With the Steambox being a true PC with a fantastic multiplayer client for using in the living room… what would be the reason to not make a PC version of Madden, Nascar, or NHL? I’m guessing the most efficient way to do multi-platform would be to build a PC version then port that to PS4 and Xbox720…

Would be nice. It’s the one genre that hasn’t been well represented on the PC over the past decade or so.

There’s really no clear reason for these games not to be on PC to begin with at this point. I don’t know why EA ports stuff like the Saboteur and Mirror’s Edge but not Madden. I guess the strict 12 month turnaround could be the problem, but it doesn’t stop FIFA or NBA2k(granted, not an EA game)

Even if they decide to bring the franchises back to the PC, EA is not going to put them on Steam for obvious reasons.

But as stated above, there’s always FIFA and 2K Sports titles.

These games would sell half a million on Steam within the first week. EA is fucking retarded for not porting them to put it bluntly. The PC space has changed a lot since digital dist. has taken off. Oh well, EA will be EA I reckon.

Wow if only there wasn’t a complete monopoly in sports :o

FIFA is an EA title also with a 12 month turnaround time. Are these on PC? I don’t recall them being so. Also sadly the best baseball series will never be available on PC either since that’s a first party Sony title.

I humbly beg to differ ;)

FIFA as well as PES (from Konami) are on PC every year.