Could there be a fifth season of Blackadder in the works?

That would be a cunning plan indeed.

Fetch me a turnip.

Leave it be! Goes Forth ended so beautifully.

American tunes in to 5th series of Blackadder in 2020: “Hey, House is British???”

By any objective measure, one of the greatest comedies of all time. I can’t wait!

Also, if they want to bring back Coupling, I would be cool with that.

I am so hyped. I hope people in their forum give BA a shake, especially season 2 and season 4 (which are my favorites).

Would be hard to capture the lightning again. Probably my top comedy series.

Please God no. This can only tarnish the memory.

But what if… it doesn’t.

I mean I’m not sure what setting you’d use, but I’ve heard worse ideas.

How? I mean, it’s a different thing. It’s not like the old thing stopped existing because a new thing comes along.

Although, I have seen the opposite situation work. Ever noticed how the Clone Wars Cartoon made the prequal movies better? It filled in so many gaps and fleshed out the universe so much.

But, at the same time, did the prequals make the original 3 movies worse?

They’ve already done one revisit, and it wasn’t good. Why would it be any better now, 20 years later? Laurie maybe aside, it’s not like any of the cast are near the peak of their acting or comedy chops.

Also, frankly, a lot of the humour hasn’t aged all that well. It’s a particular writing style that worked then but can be a little cringeworthy now. If they’re just going to rehash that it’s not going to pan out well. Seriously, what was the last good thing Ben Elton wrote?

Wasn’t it? Are well talking about the Christmas one or the time travel one? The Time Travel One was a lot of fun.

As for their prime, who is to say. Fry seems every bit as funny now as he did back then.

The fact that none of them have an active, distinctive comedy voice any more? The closest is Fry, and that was reading from a script on QI, which he last did four years ago. I like the guy a lot, but he’s not exactly the force he was in the 80s.

This. It’s humor geared to clever 1980s 20-somethings, and some of the weaker elements really stood out when I last watched it about ten years ago. The “as ___ as ___” joke template got seriously overworked.

Sublimely funny in places, though, and individual lines still run through my head and make me grin while I’m standing in the checkout line at Kroger.

“They do say, Mrs Miggins, that verbal insults hurt worse than physical pain…”

I think it would be like doing a new season of Fawlty Towers. I could be good. But, naw, probably not.

Tony Robinson visited Darwin a few years ago, and was interviewed on the radio. My wife tweeted the presenter to ask Tony to say “I have a cunning plan”. He did, and it was perfect.

What I really want is a Casablanca remake starring Adam Sandler. Because, you know, it could be good.