Could this be the best videogame movie of all time?

Title Could this be the best videogame movie of all time?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When October 7, 2011

As a guy who always keeps four Gamecube controllers and a copy of Beach Spikers within easy reach of his Nintendo Wii, I think it's about time someone made a movie that is not just playing balls..

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Balls Mahoney did not get sufficient respect in that video. How dare they play Balls like that, such bs.

I demand a Qt3 movie podcast for this.

All this movie needs to be the best video game movie ever is a time traveling DeLorean, and Russ Meyer's address circa 1966.

I second this.

As someone who doesn't pay attention to sports, I really enjoy a good sports movie. What's up with that? Also, I was soooo hoping it was Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball the whole time.

I like that this movie also stars Monk Law and Phoenix Valen, who are two of my favorite characters in Street Fighter. Plus, I like the part where the volleyball chick hits the guy so hard that he does a spit take.

You are a videogame volleyball dilettante. Beach Spikers pwns Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball in every way except cup size.

By my very specific standards, this appears to be the greatest movie of all time.

But when it comes to Beach Volleyball does anything besides cup size really matter?