Could we have a BioShock forum?

Just, cuz, y’know.

Don’t worry, it’ll die off in a month. It’s an unmoddable single-player only game, afterall.

Microshaft Teases Lionhead

Yeah, and what about that widescreen fuckup? I’m sure no one will even play it to the end because of that!

how did they do that? is the game using some new NSA-designed unbreakable file encryption?

Just wait until Mass Effect hits…

Hey guys,

Could we please ease up on cluttering the forum with joke threads? There’s plenty of room to discuss a topic or make a funny in the thread that spawns these spin-offs.


If the game isn’t designed from the ground-up to be externally modular, then it isn’t very moddable. Good luck with it, though.