Could we possibly see SS3 at E3 this week?

I’m talking about System Shock 3! Check the site and look to the left:

Over on our forums a new member, Priest77 has posted a link to a great article on HomeLan Fed that could point towards System Shock 3!
Here is an exert

  1. Will you be attending E3 this year and if so what will you be showing off at the expo?
  2. What games are you most looking forward to seeing at E3 this year?

Here are the answers we have received so far…"

"Ken Levine - Irrational Games

  1. I will be attending. Irrational is not showing any games on the floor this year, but will be having private showings of some super-secret titles (one of which will be come public prior to E3).

So what do you guys think? SS3 this week or not?


The one that became public is probably the Tribes sequel.


Wasn’t it already announced that IG is doing the next iteration of Tribes? That being the case, what are the odds that John Q. Public will find anything out about those sooper sekrit projects being shown to the elite at E3?

We’re sitting on Y! chatting throughout the day and neither of us mentions to the other that we’ve seen this thread…the above double posting ensues. :)


Yea… I don’t think they are talking about Tribes. There is another game that is in secret development. And check this out:


As a raving, card-carrying member of the System Shock Fan Club, I sure wouldn’t mind seeing SS3 someday, but I’ve read nothing yet that couldn’t be applied to the Tribes sequel just as easily as to SS3.

SS2 is one of my favorite games of all time, but I don’t want to get my hopes up for a sequel, only to have them dashed in the end… :cry:

I’d love to see a System Shock 3, but I don’t think this even rises to the level of a rumor. :(


I hope SS3 does come out, SS2’s ending just yelled “Gimmie a sequel, bitch”

Note the date on the PC Zone article. They’ve been working on Tribes 3 for about a year now. Odds are that’s the title referenced in the article.


When I saw the title of this thread, I was hoping for mention of Serious Sam 3. I mean as mindless shoot-fests go, it takes the cake. <sigh>