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Best Boyfriend Ever!


That’s hilarious.

Holy crap. Stu-fu! I’m an e-athlete!

Damn, that is hilarious. After all that, she says “I love you!”.

By the way, you have to turn your sound on for it to make sense.

I refuse to believe that it could be real. It’s just too much.

“I hate you!”

“No you don’t.”

“You’re right.”


“You’re being a jerk!”


This can’t be real. I was in that whole crappy world of scrim scrim scrim scrim match match match match of CS that took 10 hours of your day away, and I’m sorry, when the girlfriend called for sex, it was time to go. But…it’s hilarious.


Erik J.

He is almost as awesome as this guy:

It took me forever to realize that he was saying stfu. Outloud. “stfoo”. My god.

A couple weeks ago he broke 10k, and now he’s at like 1.6 mil. He’ll havethis hash settled by tomorrow. Good for him.

Wow, it’s like every conversation between a needy teen girl and a teen guy that thinks he’s the shit rolled into one. I’ve actually heard conversations like this in the past between my brother in-law and his then girlfriend.

She should dump him.

And asshole boyfriends < 0.

Eh. People.

That guy is awesome. A veritable monument to the occasionally wrong idea that treating women like shit gets you everywhere. I don’t know if I buy any of the recordings on that site, but amusing nonetheless.

I’d buy that. Stuff you read in affidavits filed to support a divorce petition are fairly incredible. Men do treat their women very badly, and increasingly, vice-versa.

He broke 2 mil when I went. Threesome here he comes!

Ba dum bum.

What a douchebag. I hope she shreds the contract in his face and dumps him. He probably faked the counter anyway.

I don’t know why you’re so hard on him. If he is telling the truth, she was so keen on it, she even put it in writing. You seem to harbor the belief that she’s been forced into something.

Ahh hahahaha. This guy does not give a shit… STUFOOOO.

Uh oh. I could see this thread spiraling into a monster that puts the Serenity Now fiasco to shame. Now with more OT goodness!

Edit: I want to give this more thought before I post a complete reply.

His site is still getting about 50 hits per second. :)