Counter Strike > Sex

I wonder how much he could’ve made with a few Google ads on there.

I hear absolutley nothing in Netscape, in IE its just static. All I see is the screen

Can anybody upload or point me directly to the mp3 so I can just hear it?

Obvioisly there is a great need for CS widow relief. This sounds like the perfect network for anyone over 25 to join. Hot frustrateted teens. Aww yeah!

In the meantime I will think of as many perversely insane analogies as possible.

Nice troll!

We have progressed from kinetic arguments to potential ones.

I fully support this evolution.

Multiple emails about it went round the UK, posts on forums, and several major papers picked up on it as well as national radio. Not surprised the counter went mad.

The recording been going around the internet for at least 8 months. I can’t believe all you people haven’t heard this.

I can’t believe that anyone would use roflcopter as part of a script or in real life. Shit must be off planet.

For one thing, it shows the woman that the man is afraid of her. Chicks dig power. Obviously its pointless to treat something like shit that can’t hurt you.

For another, it shows the woman that the man is brave enough to abuse her. I give you wonder-pussy, yet you strike me? I’m impressed!

For many women, this is the perfect place for the man to be. Afraid, bravely exerting himself against the fear, fully engaged with her. A game that she hopes she’ll win.

He’s in a state of fighting! Now I turn him in the right direction and he fights for me! Yay!

Did you just say you want to have sex with the guy who says “Rofflecopter”?