Counter-Strike XBOX

Anybody playing this yet? I plan on picking this up tonight. I look forward to a cheat free experience and some of the exclusive maps but I just wish I could hook up a mouse/keyboard to the xbox.

Cheat-free until the hackers do their thing on the Xbox =]

On a semi-related note, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero seems to have quietly missed its Steam/retail launch. No official word from anyone, no coverage on any sites that I’ve seen, but most retailers are now listing it as a mid-December release. Is this another Valve title that’s slipped due to not-so-Steamy goodness?

Valve’s going to need a lot more content servers before they could support a Steam release of something the size of CS:CZ. The DoD 1.1 release brought out legions of hardcore players the first couple days complaining they were unable to connect to a content server… The CS community is at least 30 times larger, so I’m guessing that Steam would be crushed under that load.

I saw this today -

About 2hrs of play both online and offline

  • It’s a bit prettier: a few new structures in the old maps, some new textures, smoke and other particle effects look better, aztec river doesn’t look like a dirty pool any more, character textures look better too.
  • sounds are a bit different especially the colt with silencer. I think I like it. When an HE goes off you get a ringing in your ear.
  • grenade splash damage seems to have a much larger radius. Same goes with the flashbangs.
  • 7 new exclusive maps for xbox. I’ve only messed with 3. They seem pretty well done so far
  • 10 players max with listen server. 16 players if you use your xbox as a dedicated server. So far online play has been smooth. What sucks is there is no in game ping indicator and the server browser shows only a stupid ping bar graph. I want numbers!
  • No cheating!!!
  • Bots are pretty good. I was impressed most of the time. It’s interesting watching in first person mode through a bot’s eyes. They take cover to reload, know the maps very well, don’t always shoot with perfect aim, and they don’t follow you through walls. Hostage AI seems improved too.
  • controls are about as best you can hope for with the xbox gamepad. buying, switching weapons, using grenades are all done well. The aiming speed can be adjusted to 5 different preset speeds. I would have rather had sliders. Still nothing really wrong here. They did the best they could with what they had and that best is no where near as good as a mouse. It changes the pacing of the game a bit. You tend to crouch more as it’s really hard to hit anything while running around with the analog stick. Jumping is no longer an issue since to jump you have to use one of the face buttons so you can’t aim at the same time.
  • The low resolution TV kind of unbalances the weapons IMO. Before you could ak or colt snipe pretty well. Now it’s pretty much a single blury pixel you have to aim at. Scoped weapons like the sig 552 or aug become much more useful.
  • Framerate seems to be around 30. I don’t know but I started to get a bit motion sick after 2 hrs where as I could play CS on the pc all day with no problems.

They did the best they could with what they had and that best is no where near as good as a mouse.

So the tradeoff is subpar controls for no cheating. Is it worth it?

That sums it up pretty nicely. Tough call. The no cheating right now is very nice but the controls make me want to jump back on the pc. I think it’s probably worth $30 but not $50 for a game you can play for basically free on the pc. I’m starting to think maybe I should have picked up crimson skies instead. I’ll give it a few more hours. Maybe I’ll get better at the controls.