Counterpart: A parallel world spy thriller


This is the first Ive heard of this but I found a trailer for a new series coming on Starz, called Counterpart. It stars J.K. Simmons and looks quite intriguing.


Shit, that looks fantastic. Makes me want to watch Fringe again, too.


You had me at J.K. Simmons.


Amy Berg (Leverage, Eureka, etc) is also working on it.


Jan 21, 2018. This looks good. Does not look like a typical Starz production either (ie Cinemax).


I know, right? The man is a gem.


Totally. I tried watching that movie where he was a music teacher and couldn’t do it. Too intense. Loved him though, and feared him.


I had the exact same response.


Definitely got Fringe vibes. And I love J.K. Simmons. I’m in.


Starts tonight. Looking forward to it.


I hope it will be available on one of the streaming services over here.


Well, that’s a second reason to subscribe, I guess.


Fringe vibes, you say? Saw a commercial for this the other day. The sound wasn’t on, but it still looked intriguing.


It is on Hbo nordic.


Huh, not here in Norway. Maybe it will get added later this week.


Damn, sorry, that was Viaplay


Really enjoyed the show. Of course, I love JK Simmons in just about everything. He did a great job playing both parts - and through acting alone you could tell who was who. Very curious where they go with the story - seems like the Other Side guy has ulterior motives - since he’s lying already.


Obviously, the strongest thing in the show so far is JK Simmons. He’s great. I don’t know if I’m jazzed about the rest of it. There’s a lot of Lost false conflict bullshit stuff going on with people not telling other people simple things to resolve issues, and very obvious story hooks the show is throwing out but trying hard to portray as mundane happenstance.

Also, I’m having a really hard time with the basic premise being ripped from Fringe right down to the secret gateway facility.


Yeah, but to their credit, they started with that, since it’s the lynchpin of the show. I adore Fringe, but it’s existence shouldn’t preclude any other show from a scenario like that. It certainly sets the bar high, though.


Sure, I understand that the premise isn’t sacred and if someone has a better take then we all benefit from that. I felt the same way about Under the Dome (the book) after The Simpson’s Movie. King’s unfortunate timing was fine because he went for a different tone and tried to depict the realistic consequences of being caught like an insect under a bowl. Here, I’m not sure they’re really saying anything different than Fringe already did.

I’ll stick with it for JK, but they need to do something beyond just retreading the same ground.