Counterpart: A parallel world spy thriller


Wow, that was one HELL of an episode tonight.

The only part that I found a bit hard to believe was the convenient discovery of the USB drive by Peter.


Yeah, no kidding. So many reveals.


I was briefly confused and thought they were about to reveal that the two Emilys had gotten switched somehow, but no, just elaborating on what we already knew about D1 Emily visiting D2.


Yeah, my wife briefly thought the same thing. But if that had been the case, I don’t think Emily Prime would have shown the same surprise at finding out her other had been on her side.

What took me a bit to process was that prime knew her other had been out to that place with the horses, but she hadn’t realized she’d been taking her daughter there.

The shifting attitudes of the emily’s And howard’s To their others during this episode were fascinating.


“It’s lonely where I am now.”

Christ, what bleak worlds they paint. Even the afterlife is dreadful.


While I still enjoy the casting and the acting of most of the cast, especially Olivia Williams, Sunday night’s episode seemed rather predictable. Hoping the season finale packs a punch and some surprises.


Agree about the most recent episode. I even turned to my wife at one point and said “that’s just lazy writing to use the ‘annoying kid interrupts things to drive the plot’”


I didn’t see it that way at all. The kid (and spouse) humanize Naya Temple a bit. More important, they present a happy family dealing with adversity – exactly what Peter and Mira are becoming. The “Trip to Holland” metaphor was pretty great.

This wasn’t a top-5 episode for the series, but I still thought it was solid.


Umm, you mean Peter and Clare, right? :-)

BTW bad news for everyone, unless this gets picked up by Amazon/HBO/Netflix/Hulu, it’s done after this season, per what the show creator, Justin Marks, tweeted a couple of days ago.


Oops… I did mean Peter and Clare :)

I hope someone picks it up. But I wonder how large the market is for shows that require such close attention.


You DO realize who ended up as POTUS, right? ;-)


Normally that would make me sad, but in this case I’m not convinced that a third season is necessary. Trying to remain spoiler-free regarding particular plot points, but if you look at Counterpart as a show about self-reflection and character, the main characters have grown in those aspects and their stories have been told.

So the third season would either be more plot- and from this weekend’s events there’s not a lot more ground to tread there- or suddenly abandoning the central conceit and adding new characters. They did this successfully with James Cromwell, but that’s a tough act to follow.


That’s a good point. Given how the plot is shaping up, the story looks like it will be more or less over. And the characters we care about have all had ample opportunity for self-examination.

Now, if they end on an effing cliffhanger…


Howard shoots Howard but we aren’t sure which one!


I was utterly shocked that an Interface room allowed casual crossing between worlds. What a ridiculous security hole.


Yeah, that was not at all obvious from the previous uses. I assumed it was just some sort of projection from the other side.


They said that particular interface room was reserved by management for special stuff.


So, is this series good? I guess ‘yes’ will be the answer?


It’s very good if you are the sort of viewer who focuses on the show. If you have one eye on the TV and one on your phone, the core premise is going to leave you wondering who is who pretty often.


Yes is my answer.

Though I did not think so after watching the first episode or two. After leaving it for a while I came back to it and watched every episode since and am looking forward to the finale tomorrow evening.

The casting is good, and acting is quite good for the most part, and I’m hooked on the notion of what having a second chance does to people and the terrible choices they make to do so. If your child or spouse dies in your dimension, but is still alive in the other, what might you do? Would you act on that, would it torment you, would you think nothing of bumping off your other and inhabiting their life? Would you love your other or despise them?