Counterpart: A parallel world spy thriller


Has there been any indication about what the goal of that was?

Are they trying to start a war between the two dimensions? Seems like just killing a bunch of people would be pretty small stakes for the type of operation they were running.


I assume they will explain that. The show is too good to have something that dumb happen. They also have to explain the goal of that entire plan.


Maybe, but it might simply be that Aldrich is THAT by the book.

I also found myself wondering what the point of that was supposed to be. It’s entirely possible it was just a distraction for something else, but I don’t think so. They were trying to get downstairs before things went sideways. Why? Was someone on the other end waiting for an all clear?


Yeah, that did seem a bit “small potatoes” as they say. Unless it was some sort of diversionary tactic.
BTW I read on another forum that we’re not getting the next episode till Easter weekend.


Yeah, that sucks.


I was confused by the grand plan too. I figured it was either :

Make a lot of noise in the offices to bring attention while Angel Eyes “opened” customs to allow large numbers of people through. That Helen walks right by Quayle’s father to shoot random office people suggests this wasn’t anything targeted, but was just a big “noise” to attract attention.


As these are not strictly government-aligned people, (“disagreements in leadership” indeed), it was to trigger a diplomatic incident so large that the border is closed. Something they could certainly do more permanently (and explosively) from their side.


I agree. The plan they executed doesn’t seem to make sense – what was the goal? It does feel like a diversion for something else.


Were they really approved for two seasons out of the gate? Those last two episodes really felt like, ‘oh shit, we got renewed, change course’ that happens to so many tv shows.


I didn’t really get either what Peter was trying to do or the goal of the plan being executed at the end there. I guess it’s possible Peter was just trying to commit a bit of old-fashioned murder/suicide but it’s a really inefficient and ineffectual way to do it if so. (Though, I mean, he’s not exactly the most competent person on the show and that’s when he’s sober…) It would make more sense to me if he expected to survive and was trying to accomplish…something? by ending up in the hospital but hell if I know what.

Similarly, that was a whole lot of planning and setup to just shoot a few random people, even at this particular agency. (And not even hit all that many, frankly.). If the goal was casualties, I would have expected bombs or bioweapons (my money was on bioweapons for most of the season, TBH, since they blame the side they’re targetting for deliberately spreading the massive flu outbreak that decimated their side). This…the only thing I can think of is sowing chaos to cover an attempt on taking control of the crossing for some sort of invasion or something. But seeing as their plan wasn’t uncovered in time so there was nothing in their way except the perfectly regular presence of armed operatives who work in that very building, something which could easily have been predicted, but which they did not appear to have a contingency for, either there’s something more going on or, well…it wasn’t a very good plan.


We don’t know what their plan was yet. Counterpart is a slow reveal that will take at least two years to play out its main arc. The initial series order was for two seasons of 10 eps. The writers went into the show with that generous canvas upon which to paint their tale.

I’m not sure what’s going on. But they have a plan. We don’t know what it is yet. We can expect, however, that it is probably apocalyptic in nature. This fits into that goal, somehow.


An underwhelming 10th Episode which solves nothing and resets the pieces for Season 2. Hopefully, Season 2 can take us somewhere new?

Great show, even if the finale proved to be probably the weakest of the entire season.


So, can we assume that Clare’s story to Peter is BS?

Aldrich’s man wasn’t wielding a weapon when he walked up the driveway of Peter and Clare’s place, that I could tell. Did it really go down the way she claims? And now our poor Howard’s been sent to a blacksite.


I believe her.

He wasn’t supposed to be there. He’d been drinking. He looked pissed when he headed for the house. They routinely had guns.


That last episode really felt like a ‘whoops, we actually got renewed, quick, rewrite the last two episodes’ that you see so much in many tv shows. Although I thought they said they had two seasons out of the gate.


A bit of an underwhelming end to the season; hopefully the next season will show that it was set-up for a later payoff rather than the writers not knowing where they wanted to go.

I did like the part with the management, though. And of course I wonder if there’s an element of the 13th Floor or something involved as well; a level above/below the two we’ve been in so far.


My own spoilery thoughts -

Yeah, definitely getting the hints of something much bigger at work here. My guess is that “management” is actually a third dimension manipulating these two for some reason, but I also think it probably doesn’t matter what we guess because the writers aren’t ever going to tell us.

I still don’t understand the point of the attack though. They’re creating a Palpatine-esque character who somehow knows in advance what everyone on the board is going to do before they do it, even though several of them have manages to foil parts of the overall plan or find out things that they definitely didn’t want found out so soon.


The simplest explanation of the short term goal is that it was designed to do what it did, namely shut down the border. Though that shifts the question to, “Why did they want to shut down the border?”


My wife thinks that

There’s only one management for both sides


I thought the same thing. Your wife is right,


I really hope that isn’t true. It seems obvious and if/when a big reveal comes re: “surprise, there is just one management” it’s going to feel very underwhelming.

Other than the lousy finale, I really enjoyed this show. But, I’m a little worried that the writers have been too clever by half with all the cross/double cross/triple cross stuff that they are clearly setting up. I mean I’m already getting ready for the episode where we have no idea which Howard we are watching.

There’s some entertainment value in that but that sort of thing tends to destroy a coherent plot because the writers inevitably have to “cheat” a little bit to keep the audience in the dark and be inconsistent about what information is shared with the audience.

In that vein a few things:

  • Why wouldn’t Howard kill Nadia? Why buy her off and why would he believe that she would stay bought? Leaving someone clearly dangerous like that on the chess board when he has an easy opportunity to remove her just doesn’t seem very much like the Howard Prime we all know and love.

  • On the flip side, Nadia had an additional opportunity to kill Howard when she killed Aldrich. Isn’t it a lot better for her if Howard is dead? Then she can collect on the contract AND keep the money that Howard just gave her. Howard already had put a bullet in her cheek earlier in the season.

Regardless, I really liked the series which seems very ambitious about possible character arcs and complicated plots. I hope they can pull it off and it doesn’t end up a mess like Lost.