Counterpart: A parallel world spy thriller


I liked the show so far despite the sometimes grating details in the setting, like for example the stacks of 500 euro notes handed to Nadia at the end. I could only think on how worthless that money was unless you left Europe entirely.


There’s already been big chunks of the earlier show where I couldn’t quite tell which Howard we were supposed to be looking at.


Is that just a comment on how high prices in Germany/Europe in general are? There were quite a lot of those stacks you mention. Or do you mean that it would be hard to actually use the notes because of their high denomination?


The latter. Europe (especially the north half) is all about debit card transactions, not cash ones.

Trying to use a 500 euro note would be a nightmare, let alone a stack of them. Not only would no shop have enough cash on hand to provide change, whomever you try to pay would assume the note was either a forgery or black money as the legal uses for such a large denomination are effectively non-existent.

It’s not for nothing that the ECB no longer issues 500 euro notes.

I’ll just chalk this up to US showrunners transplanting US cash culture on Europe. If it had been stacks of 50s and 20s it would have been far more believable.


She’s a damned assassin. I don’t think laundering a little money, if necessary, would offend her scruples.

Completely disagree here, personally.


Season two premieres this Sunday, December 9th. Looking forward to it!


I just began to watch season one. Two episodes in and shit, it’s intense. Good intense, but wow.


This show is so good I thought we were on Season 3 already! The first season was awesome.


Yep, me too. Between this and the 3rd season of Travelers on Netflix, I’ll be in hog heaven.


I watched five episodes so far and it gets better with each one. The first episode didn’t grab me and I didn’t watch the second episode until months later and now I’m as close to binge watching as I get. Need to burn through 6 - 10 before Sunday.

The negotiations between D1 and D2 hooked me in. Seeing the nebishy guy fromWest Wing as the lead negotiator was a cool surprise. Why would our world want census numbers for their North America? I get wanting the coordinates of an oil deposit, but census numbers? Unless they wanted proof of the damage from the flu on D2.

Watch this show.


It’s back!

So, Emily-Prime is back up and about but with significant brain injury and memory loss. And the spy hunt is commencing. And we have absolutely no idea what’s happening in the other universe. Whee. Oh. And a glimpse of the mysterious Management. Or one member thereof, anyway. Oh, and Quayle decided to confess everything as an insurance measure that is absolutely going to get found by someone he didn’t want to get it. Welp.

I don’t remember who the people we see in the woods are. I assume they were involved with Aldrich somehow? (I mean aside from Claire.)


Just watched myself. I thought…

that the one who was in a coma was Emily Alpha (the one from “our” Berlin). Did I miss something?


No, we’re just using different terminology. Unless the damage is masking something, but there’s huge chunks of the first season that wouldn’t make a lot of sense if that were the case so I doubt that’s it.


They were in a previous episode and Aldrich went to their house. One of the women is the prime the other is her alpha. They met when the woman from the other dimension defected. Aldrich had them in a safe house with armed guards. The defector worked in their version of “strategy” and she knew of Shadow and some of Shadow’s mission but not Shadow’s identity. Which is why Clare “extracted” them both.


You got it right.


That’s who I thought, but I didn’t remember exactly what their role in the plot was. Thanks.


I was surprised that we did not get a glimpse of goings on in D2/Prime in the S2 premier. Curious if episode 2 will be in D2 exclusively which is very different from S1.

And I realized that Betty Gabriel (FBI Agent Naya Temple) portrayed housekeeper Georgina in Get Out. I think she will be a good addition to the show.


Wow, hell of an episode tonight. Srsly.


And the reveal in tonight’s show!!

The audio file that Clare listens to might start, errr, influencing her political views.

How is this show so consistently amazing?


I’ve watched the first four episodes of season 2, enjoying it quite a bit.

One thing I’m trying to puzzle out. In episode 2, Ian talks to a girl named Nomi in a cafe/diner. They have a brief conversation. She is using an ultrathin very modern looking laptop.

That doesn’t seem to quite fit. The computer tech in D2 is well behind D1. D2 only has flip phones and no smart phones. Nobody seems to remark on this in the cafe. Ian definitely doesn’t blink an eye about it.

I thought maybe this would be explained in episode 3 or episode 4, but if it was then I missed it.