Counterstrike: Source and Steam names

So yesterday I dropped the money for the Silver package, to play CS Source.

Its as fun as I remember it. I still believe CS is one of the most fun FPS multiplayer games.

Anyway list your steam names so us QT3rs can play together sometime.

Mine is: Mrdolby1999

Also before anyone buys one of the Steam packages online, you may want to create a new account first. I did so I still have my old account which is from the HL Game of the Year edition, so it has access to original CS and HL plus all the mods. I plan on giving to a friend who has never played CS before.

Steam name?


<---- on most things except servers with little girls that are afraid of slang words, so I sometimes use “Nooten” …

Let me know when DoD source is out and I’ll give you guys a match. :P

( Also, drop into IRC )


Course I’m little more than score padding. :)


Mouse or esuoM