Coupling - Are You?

Is anyone watching this? Chris, me and the Mrs caught the first season on DVD, and I think some of the episodes were HI-larious. Imagine FRIENDS where they can be much more open about sex, and you get the idea. Plus, the quirky British humor works well in this case. As mentioned, the first season is available on DVD, and you might check your TV listings for other seasons on your local PBS stations.

It’s a really good show. The comparsion with FRIENDS doesn’t extend far beneath the surface, as most of COUPLING’s comedy comes from awkward situations based on very cleverly conceived set-ups. It’s like a cross between CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and, I dunno, a sophisticated version of THREE’S COMPANY. The writing is very innovative; they do a lot of flashback and point-of-view stuff that’s extremely clever and pays big dividends. And a sex comedy I think it’s infinitely more realistic and funny than SEX AND THE CITY.

I’m interested to see how faithful NBC’s version will turn out to be. In the meantime I don’t think PBC carries it, but it’s on BBC America all the time.

It’s a fantastic show. I’m up to the third season. First caught it on BBC America, so I had to go download it all.

I’m a little worried about the American iteration. I think they should just bring it over here, as is. It’s one of the most brilliant comedies in Britain right now. I can’t imagine them doing it better here, as they would have to edit much of it in the translation.

Well, if it’s anything like Curb Your Enthusiasm, then im sold.

I’m not sure anythng can be that funny.

Based on a commercial I saw for it on NBC, it looks like they’re taking the exact script and giving them to American actors. Some of the scenes I saw in a commercial were, I swear, line-for-line from the original.

I’ve only seen the first season, but yeah – it’s hilarious. Really, really funny.

I’m not sure anythng can be that funny.[/quote]

I laugh harder watching Coupling than I ever did with Curb Your Enthusiasm. Course my humor was slightly impaired with Curb, because everytime Larry opens his mouth I have an almost irresistable urge to punch him in the face. Then kick his prone form till I break a toe. Anybody else get that urge, the non violent among us anyways?

I can’t even drink or eat while watching Coupling for fear of either choking, ruining the carpet, or both.

Well, I have to say looking back, that the first 3 episodes were HI-larious, but the laffs and guffaws seem to be tapering off after that and into the 2nd season. Does anyone else find this to be true? Someone suggested it is because the newness has worn off, but I think it just isn’t as funny. I still watch, but haven’t laughed out loud since the first 3 episodes, IIRC.

This Monday on BBC America (“Oh Jeffrey!”) was the funniest one yet, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. I was reduced to tears when… well better not spoil it.

I don’t think they’re copying the Brit show, though the producers may be claiming that they are. I read an preview piece in the Toronto Star a couple of weeks ago that tore the show apart, for all the changes being made, for the removal of Brit witticisms apparently deemed over the heads of Americans, and for the scripts simply being dull and unfunny. Jeez, why not just import the real show? Fund production of Coupling in the UK and show them here? Has anyone ever even tried that with a foreign show in the States? I’ll never understand why the American network execs feel a show is good enough in its original form to sell in the States, but not good enough to show on American TV because the characters don’t live in New York or Los Angeles.

Look at the long list of disastrous imports, from Britain alone. American networks have tried and failed badly with Cracker, Absolutely Fabulous, Prime Suspect, Fawlty Towers, Queer as Folk, On the Buses, etc. You’d think eventually they’d either stop doing these adaptations entirely or just make arrangements to broadcast the real shows.

I saw one clip from the first episode that was nearly a word-for-word duplicate of the pilot episode of the Brit show.

But agreed. I wish they’d just show the UK version on American TV.

USA version premieres tonight. Looks like it’s going to be a sad imitation.

I was happy to see that MSNBC ran the Washington Post review despite its being almost wholly negative – guess the site has a LITTLE credibility left.

From the commercials, it doesn’t look like it was cast well. I think it would be impossible to find a good actor to play Jeff (the Brit guy is brilliant at it!). The American version looks retarded, instead of slightly confused and frightened, which is how the British version looks.

As for the second season of Coupling, I think it is great. The Spiderman episode made me cry I was laughing so hard. The lesbian episode is pretty good as well.

Did not watch the BBC version, but even the “highlights” from the US premiere they are showing in the preview clips look spectacularly un-funny. Per usual, good Brit ideas are lifted, sanitized a bit for US consumption, and summarily ruined.

That said, I will probably watch since I still love Jennifer Ann…er, Friends and Will and Grace (Although, I think it is nearly unanimous, at least it is in the Jenkins household, that it should be called Jack and Karen) and it is what follows.

EDIT: It was all I thought it wouldn’t be and less. Well, the first 5 mins. before I shut it off was.

It was godawful! The women are somewhat attractive (I love that girl that was on that scifi show, the Chronicle) But these people have absolutely no chemistry together, and the men look like they all came off a Men’s Health cover. (Sigh) These US producers just don’t get the point.

Actually, it’s the British producer doing the USA version.

Still, though, it falls apart because of the casting. The UK actors are brilliant at their roles. The USA people are generic “pretty people” (well, except for Jane - she’s funny looking). And the acting… Patrick did an okay job portraying his character’s personality, but none of the actresses could compare to their Brit counterparts.

And there is only one Jeff.


Madness. Madness!

This is so a great show.