CoV thread

Anyone get this and install this yet? I have heard two dates one that its out today, and another that it goes live on the 31st. Which is true?

Also some Qs for people who play masterminds:

It seems your minions are doing most of the work, so it would seem endurance isn’t a big deal. Is stamina something you can put off or not even need?

Do pets teleport to you after a certain distance or if you use a tarvel power like flight or SS, do they just get lost?

Preorders get to play from midnight tonight (US Central time I believe). Everyone else waits until monday.

Pets teleport to you if you get 170 feet away from them. Stamina can probably be put off, though I haven’t played past lvl 20 with a mastermind so I’m no really sure.

If you made level 20 and were not sucking wind on END then stamina proabbly can be put off.

Midnight tonight?! Bah! I was all ready to play it tonight too. How do they know if you preordered it or if you just didn’t pick it up at your local EB store?

I have both CoH and CoV patched up and ready to go. Which will I have to fire up come 12:01? Oh, and does anyone know if the CoV box comes with a free month?

If you preordered you should have a recieved a box with a preorder code. If you have CoH you use that to upgrade your regular account, and then when you log in with your regular CoH client you get the option to make a villain at the char creator. If you only have CoV I think you can use the beta client. CoV comes with a free month.

Also you’ll have to upgrade your CoH account again with the retail code on the 31st (or maybe it was on the 2nd?) to continue playing when it goes live.

I better get a preorder code on my box dammit. I was planning on playing this weekend.

Sux to be me. Apparently not all preorders get this code. I got mine from EB and they were like “What preorder code?”. Now I have to wait till monday to play.

They should do this head start thing on a wednesday and thursday, not on a weekend.

afaik it should have been on the fake boxes they got. when you preordered they should have handed you that box or shipped it to you.

stupid, I know.

don’t worry, cov kinda sucks anyhoo.

Masterminds definitely do not need stamina. I had a level 27 robot/dark MM in beta. I tried with stamina and without stamina. My without stamina build, which instead had aid other (for the pets) aid self (which plus twilight grasp allowed me to tank basically) and assault (+12% damage for everyone nearby, including pets) was far superior in both PvE and PvP. Never had any problems with end as long as I didn’t continually blast (which I didn’t do anyway, because I was soloing missions on Invincible and was too busy keeping my minions alive with heals…)

There’s preordering the game and there’s buying the preorder box. Doing the latter is how you get the bonus stuff like the extra costume piece, beta access and the 2 day headstart. Just going to the game store and plopping money down on a preorder will get you nothing but a reserved copy of the game when it comes in. Likewise, if you went out today and bought the full retail copy, you still have to wait until the official release date to play, which is the 31st.

I preordered from Gogamer. I got no box, of course. However, they shipped my order today 2 day fedex. I probably won’t get it until Tuesday, but I don’t have to be one of the first to play or anything. I only bring it up to show that the game is essentially released today.

all the new zones and stuff went active in CoH last night if you want to get a leg up in going around the PvP zones for those that didn’t play the beta.
and remember /e protest everything

I wish the Freedom Phalanx HQ existed in a game zone. You could set up huge crowds with protest signs outside shouting “No more nerfs!”

Official instructions for anyone with a pre-order code who wants to get their two-day headstart.

Well I called a friend in another state, and they hooked my up with a pre-order code. Apparently EB is supposed to hand them out with any preorder. There are these scratch off ticket kind of things with the preorder codes.

How did they manage to have the premiere weekend of CoV coincide with Blizzcon?

They wanted the official release of City of Villains to occur on Halloween.

I’m playing right now. Feels awesome

The Human Weed is born! Rise and fight with me my photosynthetic brethren!