Cover songs

Why do 99% of cover songs fit into these three horrible categories?

  1. Mutilation (Limp Bizkit - “Faith”)
  2. Wait, are you sure it’s different? (The Ataris - “The Boys of Summer”)
  3. Unnatural genre-bending (Puff Diddly-yoyo - “Missing You”.)

It’s an immediate disaster. You just can’t do that. Especially not to great songs. You cover either very old songs (like, 30+ years), obscure songs or songs that weren’t that great. Like movie remakes.

Witness Metallica’s Garage Inc. A rock-solid album of cover songs.

Or you realize that cover songs are possibly the most subjective form of music in existence. Sadly, “Faith” is the song that launched Limp Bizkit’s career. Oh well. At least Fred Durst did something worthwhile.

IMO, the ballsiest cover that was as good as the original:

Social Distortion’s cover of “Ring of Fire.” Takes chutzpah to cover the Cashman.

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teh win!

They also did a straight up cover of Pretty in Pink. My favourite is their cover of Under My Thumb. Mike Ness also did a great cover of the Dylan tune Don’t Think Twice.

I think you’re being ridiculous.

Who cares if someone “mutilates” a cover? Most songs suck anyway, so why shouldn’t the occasional cover? Bad example, by the way-- Faith wasn’t that good as an original.

I agree that faithfully reproducing a song is a waste of time, but that leads to point three: I do want the cover to be genre-bending. Again, I think you picked a bad example. A better one might “American Woman” by the Butthole Surfers. Or “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” by John Zorn. I like when a band takes a song and plays with it, makes it their own, and creates something new.

Best cover ever : Isobel (Bjork) by Carcass :lol:

Johnny Cash’s cover of NIN’s “Hurt” is fscking incredible.

If by “fscking incredible” you mean, why on earth did he pick the worst whiniest song from the album and remove anything that was cool about the original, then, yes, I agree.

Megadeth actually did a decent cover of Anarchy in the UK. Pantera did a terrible, embarrassing version of Sabbath’s Planet Caravan that idiot rock DJs play instead of their good stuff.

I hated that Metallica covers album.

And Iced Earth is an embarrassment.

BTW If you ever consider going to watch a Queen cover band live then you should probably consider killing yourself.

Industry Dwarf

I thought Cash’s cover removed the whininess of the song and made it heartbreaking. I like it a hell of a lot more than the original.

I should point out that I hate the original. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Industry Dwarf

The Cardigans covering Iron Man…


If you’re going to cover a song, fuck with it hardcore.

I agree with Angie. Having seen NIN do it in concert made me like the song much more with the noise and the fog machines and the lights and the giant rotating screens.

Cash’s rendition made it almost a completely different song in tone and meaning. I believe I liked it even more.

That is what I do like about covers. Just as any one song can mean different things to different folks, they can be remade by different bands and take on whole new views and be just as good.

I liked the Faith remake to, FWIW. It is, obviously, nowhere close to what George meant for it, but it kicked much ass on the radio and in small clubs. Everyone seemed to love it when it came out. Now that it is cool to hate Limp Bizkit Faith is the worst remake ever made.

The Ataris remake is pointless. Its the same song only performed with a much less talented bunch of pseudo-rockers.

The eels did a great cover of “Cant help falling in Love”.

I’m a huge Residents fan, and a lot of their best music has been done as covers of other entertainers. “The King and Eye” is probably their best album after “The Commercial Album”, and they did an interpretation of “This is a Man’s World” that is just brilliant.

Radiohead’s cover of “The Spy who Loved me” was absolutely inspired, also managed to show a lighter side to the band. In a similar vein were Travis doing “Hit me Baby one more time” and Carter USM doing “Uh-oh we’re in trouble”. Covers often allow a band to experiment with material that they would not otherwise come up with and sometimes allow them to find more elements to their sound. However, I have to agree that a bad cover of a song you like can be the worst thing in the world evar.

The Moog Cookbook’s cover of ‘Rocking In The Free World’ rocks my free world.

I’m probably too old for this as I haven’t heard of half the bands you guys are talking about, but my ageing, failing memory remembers some pretty good covers of Dylan songs. The Byrds’ Mr. Tambourine Man and Hendrix’s version of Hey Joe come to mind.

Those were covers? Now I don’t feel so old.