Covid 19: Key Links and information

I know there’s a number of Covid 19 threads out there. The purpose of this one is to amalgamate the critical information in one place. I’ll reserve the second post for links and updates. If you see something that i missed, or something has changed, please let me know and i’ll add/update it.

Updated 06/18

John Hopkins Covid-19 Global Case Count

Worldometers Covid-19 Global Case Count (tabular)

Covid-19 Tracking Project

Google Sheet with US Covid-19 Tests

Our World in Data site

WHO Daily Situation Reports

WHO Covid Myths

CDC Symptoms and Testing Page

US Coronovirus Tracker (infection2020)

NT Times Tracker (US county data, super granular, tabular with history)

No end of trackers(Wavefront) slick interface though

US Social Distancing Tracker (unacast)

Another slick tracker (

Covid19 Primer site: looks to be a good compilation site with links to lots of info

RT Live - US tracker showing current and recent R0 values for each state

Propublica - Reopening America - tracker showing each US States progress towards opening

Armaninollp Recovery Tracker - nice tracker emphasizing new cases and moving avg really nice tracker by country, showing daily changes, projections and good comparison tools

This is good and thanks for putting these in one spot.

I would add a note that if anyone is looking for information specifically for their state and wish to drill down into the numbers for their state, the Google Sheet with US Covid-19 Tests (part of the Covid-19 Tracking project) that Pyrhic links has a tab called “States” and it is the furthest right-most tab and that tab has the detailed tracking site for each state where Covid-19 is deriving its data from.

So go to that google sheet, pull up that tab and you can scroll down to your state & get to your specific states information through the link provided. These state information will vary, but for Oregon at least, there are tons more information available (demographics / hospitalizations / age / county / etc)

Here is the CDC’s Covid-19 information page with a symptom and risk analyser

I’m rather fond of this site as well. It show each county in the US and color codes them based on number of cases. It does an excellent job of visualizing which parts of the US are harder hit:


here is a new resource that tracks trends by state

Found this really good site, showing total, daily, hospital resource you and social distancing. It allows for projections and comparisons and best of all, allows you to select any country.

You might consider reading up on the IHME model in the science and data thread. You’re gonna have to go back in time a bit to find the articles and criticism, because this is (in corona virus time) really old news.

Let me start you off:

I’m less interested in the projections and more interested in daily rates of testing/infections/mortality, particularly broken out by country, as there is a lot of good tracking for the US, but i’ve found less stuff for the world.

Can you catch COVID through farts?

Thanks for the sharing these helpful sources.

Google Maps overlay coming.

Not sure if this goes here , but FEMA is helping with funeral costs for people who passed due to Covid, if they qualify.

Anyone have experience with Projectn95?

They are a nonprofit established to make quality masks and respirators available at lower prices.

I havent but $2 a mask is not a “lower price” for N95 masks. Its about average. These masks from Honeywell are listed on the CDC site as legitimate and cost less

If you want to verify if a mask is genuine NIOSH approved the CD has a list of all approved N95 masks. That can be found here, listed alphabetically by manufacturer

Get your free covid tests for US citizens here!

Friday is the last day to order “free” test kits in the US.

Thanks in for a 3rd time.

Get your fall booster: US FDA approved the bivalent COVID 19 booster. Supply chain is now ramping up (I know doctors are able to place orders, I’ve not heard when they are exacted to arrive)