Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

I’ve only seen part of an episode but this movie was slow and unimpressive. The animation didn’t look like anything you couldn’t see on TV. A little crisper and colorful perhaps but that’s it. The storyline was standard Anime fare, the villain stock Japanese with a beautiful and slightly mysterious woman thrown into the mix. All in all, not worth the $9 bucks it cost me. Wait for it to come out on DVD.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it is supposed to take place just before the final two episodes of the series. It MAY require having seen the rest of the episodes to fully appreciate it.

But like I said, I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t make a judgement.

I kind of liked it, but it’s like all anime for me: looks cool, the world designs are great, but the characters are one-dimensional, the dialogue is horrible, and the plot is kind of enh.

Amazingly, the movie averaged over $12,000 per theater last weekend, according to these figures. Then again, according to those figures, the movie is actually called “Cowboy Beebop”.


Definitely a movie that you will be hardpressed to appreciate without prior knowledge of the series.

I thought the animation was key - better than most anime and Disney.

totally agree, if u have watched the OVA and u liked it, u will also like the movie. but most are bored by the OVA cause it seems like nothing happens in 90% of the series. Cowboy, i think, was never meant to be mainstream. its the mood and the atmosphere that i really like.

if you like cowboy check out the “Detective Story” on animatrix. its made by the same guy.