Cox Health LITERALLY nukes its patients

Hundreds may have died because a technician used incorrect software to calibrate their anti-tumor high energy radiation machine.

When I had my last MRI done, my whole upper body got hot. I wasa little freaked feeling like I was getting baked ala microwave style. Different technology but still hope the tech has a clue.

Hmm. I went to high school and undergrad in Springfield; still have relatives there in fact. I’ll have to call a few who I know who’ve had hospitalizations recently.

Where do you get ‘hundreds may have died’? Of the entire group exposed, only 90 died, and the half that had more than 10% above their target only had a 4% higher death rate.

I read another report that posted 200, but it will be difficult to acertain with 100% certainty because the overdose with radiation creates damage zones that look like tumors.

Cox South in Springfield.