CPA Exam

I know Old Man Gravy is a CPA, but his name alone makes me think he may not be up to date on the best materials available from which to study.

Anyone take the exam since it has been computerized?

What did you use to review?

Did you take the courses or do it all with books and Cds?

I had planned to start in January, but issues on the homefront kinda put a kink in my plans. I think March is an off month, so I plan on starting in April and take one section at a time. School, kids, work, sick wife have all pretty much worn me down, so I am not going to try to take it all in a short period and kill myself when I can take 18 months to pass all four parts one at a time. Especially since I am getting zero pressure from the firm I work for to pass it in a hurry.