CPL tour cancelled? Why?

Anyone know what happened? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4938352.stm I rarely follow it… but I’m still surprised to see a tour cancelled with no official press release.

My guess is it went the way of Chess: No Money Means No Games.

A part of why chess died as a sport is because of the unmarketability of everyone who isn’t Garry Kasparov. Maybe I’ve been unlucky or something, but whenever I’ve tuned it to one of these things, the players make Manuel Noriega look like Mr. Charisma. “Fatal1ty?” Let’s get real about this being a sport, as long its star is a pimply nerd with a ludicrous adolescent nickname.

I’d guess sponorship pullout. The only way the CPL makes money and survives is by selling itself. If it’s not getting mainstream media coverage and reaching a wide audience, then why would a sponsor bother? AMD, NVidia, Alienware and similar “gamer” focused sponsors don’t need to reach the people attending and participating in the CPL, those people are already a built-in market for sponsors products. They need to reach people outside that group, and doing that means getting mainstream media coverage of the novelty of “Professional Gaming”. When the novelty wore off, so did the media attention.

Way back when they had Razor sponsor a CPL tourney. Evidently Angel did nothing to guarantee the prize money before the event. Somebody won, Angel could not pay, because I believe Razor went chap. 11. Lucky he did not get sued.

They probably could not get guarantees for the cash. 200K+ is a lot bigger than 10K. Best they not have the tourney if they can’t pay out. and with the prizes that high, no one would come back for 10K again.

AMD was a sponsor - that should be easy money for them.