CPU Fan Error

Just running my own suspicions past the hive mind, here.

I built a PC in 2017 for my in-laws and my wife had gone down this weekend to help her Dad prepare for taxes. She said they booted up the PC and it had a fan error, and wouldn’t boot. I told her to bring the PC home with her and I’d take a look at it.

It’s a Noctua Low Profile fan, I had bought one for myself in 2014 and only just last year replaced it (with another but much larger Noctua) and didn’t expect to have any issues with a Noctua fan. But, I do believe that’s what’s happened here - the fan seems to have a problem. I tried to plug it into another fan control connector on the board, just to see if the issue might be with CPU_Fan, but no luck there. If I try to spin this fan with a flick of my fingers, it stubbornly refused to move more than a smidge, and I would have expected without power that it would spin freely.

I submitted a support request with Noctua as these have 6 year warranties, and also ordered a new one as they are not too much at forty bucks and she needs me to get this fixed so they can work on his tax stuff this next weekend. I figure I’ll RMA the fan and have another spare CPU fan, nothing wrong with that to have on hand, but just wanted to see if there was something else I could be testing/looking at in the meanwhile?

Did you try removing the fan from the radiator? Maybe some hair or something is obstructing it? As you said, I’d expect the blades to turn freely.

Regardless, why order a new cooler? Just replace the fan for half the price.


Nah, it’s just a dead fan. Anything with moving parts is gonna die sooner or later. Noctua is very high quality kit, you just got unlucky. Tell your father-in-law to stop smoking so much ganja around the computer, the resins are gunkin’ it up.

That’s a good idea - unfortunately it didn’t yield any fruit. Just a stubbornly rough spin.

I thought about this, and thanks for the link that’s what I was looking at, but I wasn’t 100% sure that it was the fan or possibly something with the entire assembly and I wasn’t 100% sure that fan would fit this for certain. I was mostly certain, but with a bit of a time crunch (and only a $20 savings) I felt it was worth it to just order the entire thing. What I may do is just take the fan off the new one and put it on the old radiator, since that’s a lot less work than swapping the entire thing out.

Thanks - I was pretty sure that was the deal, but I figured it was worth a thread just to get some more ideas given my wife wanted this fixed pronto.

For sure

I got an update from Noctua support already - those guys work fast. All they need me to do is break a few blades off the bad fan to render it inoperable, take a picture with my RMA number next to it and let them know the lot number and a screenshot of the invoice, and they’ll ship me a new fan! Those guys rock. I’ll do that at lunch, and just have a spare fan and radiator on hand, which is always handy.

Yep, there’s a reason why you pay more for their products-- they’re high quality and they stand behind them. Good stuff.

I was wondering whether they wanted you to mail them the broken fan blades so they know you mean business.

Mail them a finger. That’ll show them you mean business.

That’s dark, Rich.

I’m an old soul, man. I’ve seen things.