Cpu temp question

My CPU is running 45-55C is that bad? I haven’t tested it in games yet, about to. I’ll post those next.

45-55 under load or at idle? Under load 55 is not bad. Idle at 55 seems kind of high.

– Xaroc

You’re getting warmer!

Which CPU is it? (Model/Speed/Family).

What I’ve found is that most CPUs are rated quite high, and that other parts in the machine (like the video card) tend to fail before the CPU does. That is, as long as you’ve got the heat sink on.

I’m running a p4 2.8cghz nortwood. in games my temp is 57c which according to the intel heat gauge is barely in the yellow zone. lower 0’s is still green.

Anyone know the max temp for the northwood 2.8?

Idle it runs at 40-45. if I’m installing or running several things it goes to low 50’2 51-53

I’m at 43 idle after the PC’s been on all day with a 3.06GHz P4 (533MHz FSB). It gets up to about 53 during heavy gaming. Sounds like your numbers are right on for an 800MHz FSB chip.

Also, Hyperthreading exercises the CPU more, which adds a couple of degress vs. non-HT processors.

While sustained heat can shorten a CPU’s life, you don’t really need to worry about actual damage until the temp’s well over 90 degrees C.

My Athlon XP 1800+ rig would actually idle at 53.5 in a warm room, and peak at over 60 when gaming. I did some research and that’s pretty typical for that chip.

If you read the tech boards and see all the guys talking about 27 degree idle and 34 peak temps, that doesn’t mean that’s a goal you need to shoot for. CPU’s don’t need to be THAT cool – it’s just a way for these guys to brag that they’re system’s “cooler” than the next guy’s. The geek equivalent of comparing specs on hot rods.

hehe. Now answer my questions in the other thread about graphics terms!!! NOW NOW NOW!! by the by, do you guys still play planetside?

I still play PS, and so do a few others. We’re trying to get more folks, and I guess we’re hoping the expansion will lure some folks in again. But meh, it’s kinda plateaued it seems.

If that’s the kind of thing that keeps you up at night, you’re doing well for yourself. I’ve been running one of my Athlons at 70C for the past two years, so no, you have nothing to fear.

You really don’t have to worry with chips until you get above 80-90C or so. Most IC’s are spec’d 0 - 125 C (operating temp) so you don’t really have to worry until you are over 100C. As long as you have good airflow you probably OK.

We had a problem with a motor driver last year that we would solve by resetting the over-temp shutdown. We’d heat the chip with a heat gun, it would over temp, shutdown and suddenly work again. Of course we designed it out of our pre-production product, but for a while we all had heat guns handy.

Also remember that you run at approx. 38C, so a few degrees higher for your processor really isn’t bad.

I guess I just read the newegg remarks and then went looking for CPU temp stuff and almost had a heat attack. everyone’s all “OH MY LORD, MY CPU RUNS AT 0 KELVIN AND THATS TOO HOT!!!”.

Temp geeks, who’d have thunk it

Athlon owners should do a Google search for “Vcool.” It’s a software cooler that works in Win98/ME/2000/XP. (Turn on all the functions.) My XP 2000+ idles at 30C and the top temp while playing games is 54C.