Crackdown 3 - By whatever means necessary


So it took awhile to figure out, but the PC games for Xbox Game Pass are pretty slim pickings. Gears 4, Forza Horizon 4, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves and a handful of smaller stuff. Still, I can sign up for the 14 day trial to give Crackdown 3 a good try before deciding to either subscribe or buy it outright. I loved the first so I’m hoping this is good.

Seems like it will be hard to live up to my experiences with Saints Row 3 & 4 though.


Yeah I think the PC side only includes stuff that Microsoft themselves publish.


PC Game Pass doesn’t exist yet. Satya (Microsoft CEO) said it’s coming later this year, but it’s not there yet.

There is just Xbox Game Pass, and some of the Xbox games happen to be in the Play Anywhere program, so you also get access to them on PC.


Looks like gamepass will have a 2 months for 2$ offer in a few days.

I’m definitely going to resub to try this out. Fine print says it might not be available to people who’ve subscribed after Horizon 4’s release.


I believe there’s a few other PC games - but since Play Anywhere is strictly optional for third-parties (obviously), there’s not many.

I imagine if they ever properly add PC games to Game Pass, it will be accompanied with a price increase. I scarcely understand how they can licence all of the games they have now and make a notable profit at $10 a month, let alone adding a whole slate of PC games into the mix.


Found this early impression video of the campaign - if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, they say it’s very reminiscent of the first game, and if you enjoyed that one you will quite likely enjoy the new one. He’s probably right that Crackdown 3 will likely get lost in the shuffle of all the games coming out this month but I am really glad it’s finally almost here.


So when will they sell it to PC users?


Knock yourself out (it’s play anywhere. 2 platforms for the price of one). Or post to complain about the MS store. Whatever.


Wrong store (which I imagine you already knew?).


Signed up for the $2 game pass deal and pre-loaded!


5/10 from IGN.


I’m expecting this to be a mediocre game for most reviews.


It’s got a 60s metacritic at the moment. Tom may end up loving it like he did Agents of Mayhem which played and scored similarly.


We’ll see. One of the things he really liked about Agents was the way you could swap between your 3 characters on-the-fly while playing in the world, but the game made you choose those 3 before you left the hub. The game forced you to essentially build your character for the next mission.

I don’t think Crackdown 3 offers that.


Ouch. That’s a disappointing review, but it basically says how not to play.

Sounds like we should put it on a hard difficulty, punch people a lot, try all the guns, drive around a bit and ignore the mini map. Still looking forward to it :) I don’t think Microsoft games get removed from gamepass, so if it gets boring we could put it down to continue another time we subscribe.


3/5 from the guardian but a positive sounding one.


There’s some guy on Youtube currently livestreaming his hatred of Metacritic and gaming journalists in general over the low Crackdown 3 review scores that are showing up.

I’d love to link it but he keeps calling them all the N-word over and over.


I hope it’s not Terry Crews.




Reading some reviews, this game sounds pretty much exactly what I was hoping for: another Crackdown similar to the first game. I know a lot of reviewers are disappointed by that because it’s not 2007 anymore, but 2019.