Crackdown 3 - By whatever means necessary


Quack quack.


It only occured to me today that instead of driving my Spider car up walls to get to vehicle stunt sites… I could just pick the whole car up and… jump up. I was pulling off some amazing Carkour while getting up to some places, but I really need to adopt the motto: work smarter, not harder.



The buildings have steel frames, but they will still collapse if enough damage is done to them in the right places. I assume the frames are just so you can’t just “punch” out the bottom floor of the buildings in 20 seconds and level the entire arena.


While that is reasonable auto lock on aiming just isn’t fun for the shooter or target. It’s a flawed design from the ground up. Once I identified that I just climbed to the top of the tallest building and became a god…which was boring.

I know Tribes didnt have a ton of buildings and obstacles but that series featured large levels with crazy movement yet still required skilled aiming.


Playing this the last couple days. Yep, it’s more Crackdown. Having fun with it, and it doesn’t look like it’ll overstay it’s welcome, given my progress so far playing on Hard (level before Legendary), so that’s nice. The progression curve seems just right- every little while getting a new toy or power, a new enemy type to fight.

One cool thing I don’t think I’ve seen in a game before- a ‘reset to checkpoint’ feature on one of those propaganda towers, so when you fall off, you can restart halfway up if you’ve gotten that far. Nice.


Crackdown 3 bonus pack is free.

*Quackhammer Launcher
*Commander Jaxon Ultimate Suit
*Linebacker Vehicle


But Digital Foundry was wrong about that and they issued a correction in the video description.


Just came across this video that talks about the villainy of the Agency in previous games better than I could (been too long since I played them):

And I’m not totally done with the game so I guess things could change, but they just don’t seem to be Agency to be the big bad guy this time around. I had forgotten that the Agency had secretly funded the gangs from the first game, so looks like Crackdown 3 has retconned that bit, describing them as “clients” of Niederman and Terra Nova.


Yea, I read somewhere that CD2 is considered non-canon now.


Oh man, I hope that’s not the reason why it’s not backward compatible. It’s not a great game, but I had a lot of fun with Crackdown 2.


Hopefully they’ll get to it soon. I am actually surprised they didn’t convert both games before 3 came out, but if they’re trying to pretend it never happened then who knows. Makes me wonder why they called the new one 3 though instead of something else.


Its not even just a retcon of CD2. The first game ended with the reveal that the Agency was evil.

Crackdown 3 just seems to ignore that whole plot development.


I got to level 3 Agility, which the menu screen tells me unlocks a little jump pad thing I can throw on the ground anywhere I want, and then use it to jump high. Wow, where do I find such a gadget?

Also, similarly, my Explosives skill is level 2 or 3, which unlocked a sticky grenade that I can then blow up remotely. Where do I go to get this grenade?


They’re available at your respawn points, where you change your loadout. Which reminds me, I need to try out that new duck rocket launcher.


They’re both added to your inventory to access at Safe Houses, in the bottom ‘Gadget’ slot (ie, they replace your grenade).


Ouch that sucks. That means I’m not going to carry grenades from now on? I guess my explosive skill is never going up again.


What? No. Limpets are still considered Explosive damage, they’re just sticky, and you can time their explosion. The jump pad isn’t something you’d want to keep around all the time, just when you’re doing something specific. I used it to get onto a Broadcast Tower last night that the bottom level was too high to reach.

EDIT: you to know you can switch your loadout to anything you’ve picked up at your safe house, right? These are just more options.


I’m just too lazy to switch stuff out all the time. I’m just being a realist. I’ll switch to the jump pad to have it available all the time, because I love exploring the vertical environment as best as I can. Which means I won’t have any explosives on me.


Lots of guns do Explosive damage. Load up on a Mass Driver, Jackhammer and Homing Missile. Everything goes Boom!


Oh cool. I haven’t found those yet.

I love that there’s so much weapon variety. I always try to go and pick up enemy weapons if I haven’t seen that weapon yet. I don’t remember there being this much stuff in the original Crackdown.