Crackdown 3 - By whatever means necessary


We did. MS announced during last year’s E3 that all first party games from that point would be Play Anywhere. As to why you bought an Xbox, why to play Sunset Overdrive of course.


E3 trailer

I don’t know. I’m just not feeling this any longer.


Just the thumbnail of Terry Crews screaming at the camera made me lose interest, they saved me from having to press play.


Yea, it kinda looked like… “Oh, I played this when it was called Saints Row 4” back in 2014 or w.e…
And it didn’t have the shitty music or the 4 “players” jumping around.

I guess it might still be good, just do not feel it.


Sumo Digital are kinda good at the technical aspects of game making but I often feel like their graphic design has an antiseptic feel and that’s exactly what I felt watching Crackdown 3. I loved the music used for that trailer and the diversity of the cast, though. I’m sure it’s rubbing some people the wrong way…


It was a bad trailer, but I’m reserving judgment on the game until I see a coherent passage of gameplay. Show us how a mission pans out, how you’ve built on the powers and the acrobatics, how coop works in practice. The trailer told us almost nothing other than “it’s Crackdown”


To be fair to Sumo, the graphical style follows directly from the previous 2 games.


The graphical style looks a little different from the first two games from what I can see. The city looks the same but the agents are a little different. I’m hoping the agents get larger and take on more armor as they level up, so they end up like walking (and leaping) tanks, like the earlier games.


Yeah, that part I get. I think it’s their game engines. It’s just something in the way they apply art design into their texturing and polygon building that always seems… mechanically sound but not particularly exciting visually.

I certainly like the idea of smashing robots with cars, though.


Also, looks like the agents now have jet pack kind of things, or the ability to fly is in the back of the armor, not their boots. Which is the tiniest of nitpicks, but my friends would have big fun leaping into the air then setting each other on fire with our jet boots - kind of a weird game of Joust.


A point made on an aftershock was nothing playable. For a game put this fall that makes me wonder when it’s just a pre cut trailer. Still it’s supposed to be their showcase exclusive for Xbox One X since it’s out the same day.


Yeah, that’s what’s really worrying me. I know it was never going to sell as much as a Forza or even an Assassin’s Creed (WTF MS, it’s not even a launch exclusive, why are you wasting valuable time on that?), so they’re not going to devote too much time to it, but it really doesn’t say much for their confidence in the game when all they have to show for a day-and-date Xbox One X exclusive is a 2 minute trailer, half of which is live action. I was expecting something like 5-10 minutes of gameplay and showcasing how it takes advantage of the Scorpio upgrades.


Well, poop.


Least surprising news ever.


What does that leave for Xbox One X launch exclusives? Forza 7?


After tha recent in-game footage, this comes as no surprise whatsoever.

Will Terry Crews still be relevant when this finally comes out?


Honestly, I kinda say “poop” because I guess it’s expected, but I’m pretty ok with taking a few more months to get it right, i.e. don’t give us another Crackdown 2. Not like my backlog can’t sustain me through the winter. Would be nice if we could get the two 360 games in back compat in the meantime though.


I think that’s about it. Yeah.


Plus that Cuphead game right?


Nope, Cuphead is also coming to Steam.