Crackdown 3 - By whatever means necessary


My brain is stuck in 2009 and the game looks perfectly fine. In fact it’s appealing to me much more in the latest footage than any of the earlier footage. It doesn’t look like a $60 game to me, but I do have Xbox Pass and I am now more excited to play it than I was a few months ago.


A new 6-7 page write-up about the game’s multiplayer.

There’s a very real delight to be had in pulling a building down around a group of otherwise aggressive enemies in the Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone multiplayer mode.

The Agents begin to desperately scramble for cover through falling debris, crashing through walls and windows as they tumble to the ground with weapons drawn high, all in an effort to outmanoeuvre encroaching players before the bullets start flying.

The firefight ends almost as quickly as it started, with twinkling dog tags soon littering the ground where entire structures once stood tall. There’s just seconds to collect them before the next entanglement begins, before the Agents return to the simulation to seek revenge.

It’s pretty radical, in every sense of the word.


Here’s a full cloud-powered environmental destruction multiplayer match. Let’s see if years of development problems and delays have affected the game:


Starting to see some “impressions” coming through also - I guess there’s a review embargo in place until February 11 or something.


Huh. This is the first time it’s occurred to me that it will be on PC too.


That’s the only reason this game isn’t a complete pass for me. If it was Xbox only, I think I’d just shrug and move on. I rarely play on the consoles now.


I have Gamepass, so I’ll be getting it anyway.


Sounds interesting.


Crackdown 3 just started a 13.57GB update on my Xbox One. I read there will be a Multiplayer stress test starting 9am PST for Xbox Insider members, so this is probably that.


I don’t think it is - because the game is delivered in two different “applications”, the campaign and the wrecking zone multiplayer. And it’s the campaign that updated.


Preloads for the Campaign just began, so that’s the “update” (from the preorder placeholder) that you’re seeing.

Wreaking Zone is a separate game executable that should weigh in around 5GB.


I may have to get an Xbox Game Pass trial for this…



Was the original Crackdown known for its mod scene? Is that even a point worth being critical of? I vote no, it’s dumb.


No, but Crackdown was also never on PC before. Obviously, the question is almost a 100% “no” before it’s even asked since this is a UWP game, but I guess he had to ask for due dilligence.


UWP showing how PC unfriendly it is yet again.


So it took awhile to figure out, but the PC games for Xbox Game Pass are pretty slim pickings. Gears 4, Forza Horizon 4, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves and a handful of smaller stuff. Still, I can sign up for the 14 day trial to give Crackdown 3 a good try before deciding to either subscribe or buy it outright. I loved the first so I’m hoping this is good.

Seems like it will be hard to live up to my experiences with Saints Row 3 & 4 though.


Yeah I think the PC side only includes stuff that Microsoft themselves publish.


PC Game Pass doesn’t exist yet. Satya (Microsoft CEO) said it’s coming later this year, but it’s not there yet.

There is just Xbox Game Pass, and some of the Xbox games happen to be in the Play Anywhere program, so you also get access to them on PC.


Looks like gamepass will have a 2 months for 2$ offer in a few days.

I’m definitely going to resub to try this out. Fine print says it might not be available to people who’ve subscribed after Horizon 4’s release.