Crackdown 3 - By whatever means necessary


As long as it has the orb sound and I can leap around the city in co-op I will be happy.

Glad they didn’t delay it for another 5 years to add in a battle royale mode.



After playing the Wreaking Zone test last week, it’s amazing to see how my memory and time tricked me into believing that Red Faction Guerrilla was more impressive than it actually was.

Like, don’t get me wrong, RFG is INCREDIBLE with what they pulled off on the hardware they did, but the stuff in Wreaking Zone is on an entirely different level.


Mediocre reviews be damned, it looks like Crackdown to me. Maybe it’s nostalgia for the original but I’m looking forward to firing it up tonight. And it only cost me $2!


This comes out tomorrow, is that right? I’m assuming the videos I’ve been seeing are from reviewers with earlier access.


Already out if you can start a download from something like this:

Friend has been playing a bit, he’s having a good time just getting orbs.


I preloaded from the Windows store and it says it releases at 10pm tonight (14th).
Edit: just checked it’s midnight EST, so that’s why it’s 10 for me in mountain.


I’ve seen some folks streaming this on twitch the last couple days but I guess those are “influencers” or some such.


Did they influence you one way or another?


I’ve found that watching “influencers” usually results in me not buying the game they were streaming.

Is that how its is supposed to work?


Mostly it pisses me off that these whippersnappers get to play the goddamn game before I do.


People screaming and being obnoxious while playing games for an audience is the worst thing that has happened to the video game industry.


I agree wholeheartedly.


Everything I’ve seen of C3 is AoM, but uglier and with all the interesting mechanics and personality stripped away. For fans of jumping, to the exclusion of everything else, I guess.

It’s not. The debris all despawns and there are tons of indestructible supports throughout the levels. You can’t actually destroy most buildings from the base like RF:G.


This looks and feels like a last gen title. So janky. Agents of Mayhem plays better I feel.


I like it, feels like Crackdown. If this is janky then I’ll take more please.


Yeah I’ve been playing about an hour so far and I really am enjoying it. I’m jumping around, shooting dudes, and finding orbs. I love the neon look of it all too.


Digital Foundry on Crackdown 3:

Spoiler: It looks and runs great.

And I’m not sure what Brad is smoking, because this looks insanely much better than Agents of Mayhem on my 4K OLED TV. The 4K resolution while being smooth and clean, with draw distances all across the city are terrific (the huge open world draw distances are especially impressive considering this is done on UE4).


That level of destruction looks good.

Have the internet lied to me, again?.


Has anyone downloaded the Windows 10 version of this? How big a download are we talking? Does it run OK?
Thinking about doing that Game Pass deal.