Crackdown: Additional Content Ideas

Crackdown is one of those games that just begs for additional content through XBL. The game itself is great - but short. Even small additions could easily breath new life into this game and have fans coming back for more.

I’m sure we’re bound to see the traditional downloads (a new mission pack, a few new skins, etc), but personally, I would love to see the creators go beyond that and offer things such as:

* Gang Regeneration Option: The idea here would be that if you turn this option on, over time gangs will again begin to reappear and take back neighborhoods. You can go and wipe them out and left the city tranquil but if left unchecked, not only will they control a specific neighborhood but they will bring back a new boss character. If left completely unchecked, an entire island could fall back into gang hands.

* Random Non-Gang Related Crimes Option: So there’s no crime of any kind other than gang-related crime in Pacific City? How about random bank robberies, kidnappings, barricaded shoot outs by crazed militia, etc. Hell, I’d even take the lame Spiderman/Hulk mini-game of picking up injured citizens and taking them to a hospital before time runs out.

* Battle Rogue Agents Option: Truth be told, there’s not a person you go up against in Crackdown that you can’t take down in a matter of seconds. The only way you die is by being swarmed by these pesky flies. But what about having some agency agents turn rogue, allowing you to have longer more drawn out battles, ones where you’re chasing your leaping foes across the cityscape.

* A New Cap on Leveling: Anyone else notice that there appears to be more space for health bars in the game? Or that the game continues to track your skill progression even after the game is completed? Why not lift the existing level cap and allow folks to continue to jump higher, drive faster, etc.

  • New Powers for Advanced Leveling:[/B] Or alternatively, instead of just adding more of the same, add new complementary powers to the agent after he goes beyond level 4 (they basically do that for the cars, allowing the SUV to jump, the car to shoot and the truck to ram).

[INDENT] Advanced agility could give you limited Wall-Crawling (for a few second you can scramble up a sheer face - possibly allowing you to climb just high enough that you can jump up and grab a ledge previously unavailable);

Advanced strength could give you the Crowd Stunning ability (basically that area stun that comes when you level up - but on command);

Advanced weapons could grant you access to a Flamethrower at the supply points;

Advanced driving could allow you to access new vehicles, such as a motorcycle, a jetski, a boat or a glider.


Last but not least, I also think it would be a blast if you could fight a Godzilla like creature in the cityscape. But that’s probably asking for more than too much.

Other thoughts/ideas/wishful thinking?

I think it’s a shame that firearms skill doesn’t yield more and more ammo capacity; it’d add the same kind of cheerful nonsense that more powerful explosions from Explosives yields, and would help a lot in reducing the uselessness of the weapon variety. I’d certainly take the sniper rifles out more often if at level 4 I found that I now had 80 shots, etc.

I support the idea of wackier weapons mentioned in the other thread. Picture a gravity-reversal gun that sends everything in target area suddenly rocketting up to extreme altitudes, to plummet to their deaths again afterwards. Freeze rays to reduce enemies to slow-motion; when killed with it they could shatter satisfyingly. Etc. A whole suite of goofy weapons could simply open up as an option after the game’s been beat, to allay concerns of affecting the “balance” of any of the boss fights.

I like the rogue agents idea. It’d make for some interesting battles. Having the gang’s slowly regenerate is a good idea as well, and potentially new minor bosses fighting for control of the original gang.

In an interview they talked about wanting to add a bunch of gadgets the agent could use in addition to weapons but them being cut. They hinted that this may be one of the things they look at bringing with downloadable content or a sequel.

The idea of freeze ray and flame thrower sounds great.

Another idea on agility - once you gain a certain level, you can slow time Max-Payne style by hitting a certain combination of buttons.

Re the slow mo effect . . . I had a bug where the whole game slowed down but the animation were full on. No stuttering, no jerkiness, just everything was slowed down to about 1/4 speed.

It was awesome. I hope there is a cheat code for this, because the whole thing rocked.

A huuuuge complaint of mine is that collecting all the orbs is neigh impossible. Take the last orb, for example. There is one orb, somewhere in the city. Find it. Is that fun? Of course not. Every orb you collect gets you closer to that problem. So I think it’s safe to say pretty much everyone will give up.

So why not include a system that somewhat helps people collect all the orbs? Like once you beat all crime lords, you get a pointer to the nearest orb? Or some non-pinpointed blip appears on your map showing you roughly where they are, once you pass within a reasonable range of them?

I’m not asking them to tell me exactly where all of them are with no effort, but c’mon – meet me half way. In the game’s current state, collecting orbs and finishing races are the only objectives left after beating the bosses. But collecting orbs is an impossible goal. By making it possible, they’d keep more people playing the game, and happy with it. And there are several easy solutions to fix it.

Other ideas:
Increased eyesight – the ability to see orbs/baddies from further distance.
Increased ammo – hold more ammo
Increased inventory – hold more guns

That happened to me when an APC somehow decided to lodge itself in a thin hallway.

Rather than just chill out, it kept glitching around and moving further and further into the hallway. I think the game slowed down because it was giving the physics engine a workout.

I kind of like the orb hunt. But I’m not at the final stage where I’m looking for only a handful, so maybe I won’t later.

But on your idea, I like the idea that at one point, if you max your agility to a certain level, you’d get this power (including a soft x-ray ability to actually see through building and pin point exactly where the hidden orb is located).

It’s a shame that SkaterGirl or whatever the heck the example was doesn’t exist yet. Crackdown would be a fantastic game for the mod community to add stuff to.

Yeah, increased ammo would be a great idea. On the longer boss missions (or ones where I play it safe), I almost always have to switch to the primary gang weapon in order to have some ammo. Of course, some guns (like the rocket launchers) would be way overpowered if you could carry more ammo than that. Maybe something like an extra clip when you hit level 4, but anything more than that would be too much.

This game would’ve been great on a PC with a heavy modding community. Imagine putting a Spiderman-like building-swinging ability into the game, the engine just screams for it.

Edit: They could also do a Diablo-II-like difficulty system. Beat the game, then beat it again when it’s much harder, then beat it again when it’s much harder. Of course, this would need more than 4 levels for each main ability.

Oh hell yeah! GRAPPLING HOOK! Auto-reshooting grappling hook (aka Spidey webs in disguise)!

Actually, they couldn’t really do this without breaking a lot of their “how do I get up there?” level design…

And yes, they should have achievements for the higher difficulty levels.

More vehicles, too. Tanks! I’m tempted to say flying vehicles, but again that might break their levels.

I’d also like pursuit crimes. Bank robbery! Stop the getaway car! It was always fun in Spidey, it’d be more fun here with rocket launchers. Or, courier tasks – get the special delivery item to the research lab or whatever, especially if there are like 10 gang members in sports cars chasing you and you can cause MASSIVE pileups. (I’m not using the “missions” word, because all of this stuff should be opt-in and no-fail, just like the rest of Crackdown.)

Even a grappling hook like Tribes: Vengeance’s would work great, where you still have to build up all your momentum. Still, I can imagine jumping up to skyscrapers, jumping off, and then grappling the far corner at just the right moment to go screaming around it. Of course, like T:V, you wouldn’t be able to hold a weapon at the same time. Maybe it would take the place of grenades or something. Or they should have added a “pistol” slot for pistols and grappling hooks.

Make grappling hooks a gadget upgrade when you have enough agility instead?

More fighting moves.

How about a gravity grenade that sucks in small to medium sized objects (like cars and people) then explodes with a force proportional to the matter pulled in.

Would be great for spawn points and hit squads.

Or for when there’s a single enemy surrounded by lots of civilians and you’re not feeling very compassionate.

Compassionate? That got anything to do with navigation? I think we should be
able to pick up enemies and civilians (what’s the distinction, anyway? Some of
the latter pick up guns!) who are still alive.

In case it hasn’t been mentioned yet … satchel charges. Laying out traps and leading packs of guys into them would rock.

Alternatively, proximity mines that attach to walls.

How would these differ from limpet mines? But proximity/tripwire gadgets, definitely. I’ll always be in favor of more things that go boom.

I still want destructible buildings a la Mercenaries. Since it’s the City of the FUTURE! the buildings could reassemble themselves over the course of a few hours/whatever of gametime. Handwaving mumbles about nanotechnology as needed. This would enable you to keep blowing them up, and make emergent subgoals of leveling every block of the city before the first ones had a chance to rebuild. That’s much more of a sequel wish than anything that could be done as expansion content, though.

All games with GTA-esque hidden item collection should have some mechanism to make it practical to find them all without resorting to a walkthrough.

I’d offer increasingly useful hints as you find more and more orbs. Find 25% of the orbs, and you get an indicator that tells you if there’s an orb near you. Find 50%, and the indicator gives you a cool/warm/hot indication as you get closer. Find 75%, and it gives you the distance to the closest orb.

As you say, trying to find the one last orb, hidden somewhere in the city, just isn’t any fun at all. Just about anyone who finds all the orbs will do so using a guide off the net, so why not provide an in-game mechanism that preserves some challenge and makes collecting everything fun?