Cracker Barrel, nice dining for not so nice people

Cracker Barrel just can’t get a break. If it’s not age disrimination in hiring it’s reports of possible racist servers as well. But that all takes a back seat to two new customers, 61 year-old Raymond Minchew and his girlfriend, 35 year-old Rachel Gilchrist, who think it’s swell to tie up their 6 year-old son in the car sitting in sweltering Georgia heat while they dine on fine food.

If there is one thing America needs less of it’s crappy parenting skills. “Yes ma’am, can I get a doggie bag for my son tied up in the car? Thaaaanks.”

I blame the car manufacturer, not the restaurateur. Seriously though, wtf is wrong with people :(

Cracker Barrel isn’t a very nice restaurant.

Yea, i don’t get the appeal of the Cracker Barrels. They are “Interstate Highway” restaurants; they don’t build them anywhere else except on Interstates. I have never seen one in a more appealing location.

The food there is average, but with a South-Southeastern “country” spin. Lots and lots of butter. Meh. Better than a truckstop i guess, which i suppose is their market.

That’s what I tell my Mom when she comes to visit but she “brought me into this world and has final say.” This story is just ammunition for future “where do you want to eat,” arguments.

EDIT: Also in the South here it’s a bit of a joke. Most people make fun of the restaurant, it’s full of 60 year-olds who have to release their bladder after 2 hours of driving on the interstate. That, and of course it’s one of the few places that rednecks can still buy a decent cheese log or saltwater taffy. I refuse to answer any questions on how often I’ve had to eat there (and how good the taffy was.)

Bob Evans has better breakfasts.

We have on on our section of I-15 and it’s not even half the quality of your average Flying J. The once I’ve been there, there were families with 6+ screaming kids - so it’s in no way a calm dining experience.

If this is true now, it didn’t used to be. Bob Evans is thoroughly average fare; the Cracker Barrel I remember (which, mind you, is 10+ years back) had superb breakfasts, very high quality and “authentic” for down-home, country-style type food.

This may be completely untrue these days as it’s spread out as a chain, but originally the food at Cracker Barrel was top notch.

Actually, the one near here is pretty good, but very full of tourists as it’s right on I-66. They’re both chain type places to me, and they’re both better than Denny’s :P

Cracker Barrel…LOL!

So a bunch of cracker ass crackers work there? I’ve never seen one.

Add in their attempts to purge gay workers from the organiztion during the 90’s, and you have a discrimination trifecta.

I live in the South, and I’ve never heard anyone make fun of it.

I haven’t eaten there in a while, to be honest, but I remember it being pretty good food, actually.

That’s really tragic, if for no reason other than the fact that an obviously gay man waiting tables at a Cracker Barrel is hilarity incarnate.

I can attest to the yumminess of the food.

Yeah, Cracker Barrel isn’t a common place to eat (because it’s ALWAYS full of people) but nobody mocks it. I like their food. In fact, that’s a good idea for lunch. There’s one right down the street from here (nearest interstate is 40 miles away, FYI) and they do take-out.

I loved it growing up (what kid doesn’t want pancakes and bacon for dinner?) but the last time I was there I had pretty much the worst cheeseburger ever. Ever.

I go for pork chops or chicken fried steak or pot roast or some other meat and potatoes meal. Never had a problem except that many of the one’s around Birmingham are insanely crowded practically all day long.

My parents keep getting coupons for free meals there from some lady at their church. After seeing a documentary about the purging of gay employees I’ve refused to go there, ever.

So they always get an extra coupon from the lady for me, then go have two free meals. Though living in Boston, the nearest one is in Tewksbury, which is about an hour away. So they come up to visit me, then drive an hour to have a crappy free meal.

Eh, they’re in their 70’s so that seems like a deal.

I also remember getting an email to boycott the Olive Garden for their hiring practices. Consequently, I’ve never gone to an Olive Garden. I sometimes wonder if my 10-year long boycotts have worked and these companies have changed their ways long ago, but then I figure I’m not missing much by boycotting them so I never bother to find out.

I’d never heard that OG had questionable hiring practices, but google gave me this gem!

However, we do not have to stand for flaming homos, that is, ones who flaunt their satanic lifestyle. The fastest way to effect change is by the removal of money. I’ve already be in contact with Olive Garden about a flaming homo in one of their restaurants. I was sent a letter that had little to do with my complaint, and when I contacted them again, I was blown off. They will not get any of my money, not here nor nationwide, until their homos are required to stay in the closet on the job. This goes for all other businesses I find who have hired flaming (out of the closet) homos. You too can join the boycott by writing Olive Garden and other businesses about their flaming homos, and refusing to give them your money until changes are put in place. In fact, there are a number of uses of money (or rather non-uses) that can effect major changes. Are you still going to movies and supporting the hollywood cesspool? Why? Are you still giving your money to homo friendly companies like Disney? Why? Are you still shopping at stores who refuse to say ‘Merry Christmas’? Why?

I notice both you and Robert Sharp are from Alabama. Maybe they are a little nicer down there. Here in North Carolina they are standard fare, think along the lines of a typical Denny’s or Shoney’s. Don’t get me wrong, they get quite busy, but I think that’s due mostly to the locations they pick, strategically near highway exits that are lacking in much else in the way of choices.

They are also quite full of older folks here, mostly due to the southern cooking style that’s hard to find in a larger chain restaurant. But believe me, if I were to announce today at work that we were all going to Cracker Barrel for lunch I’d either be looked at as an old fart or quickly taken out by the younger work crew, ripe for a mutiny.