Crafting / Survival games

Ill do that. Several of the games mentioned already are ones I have played. You could buy 7 days to die on a sale. Fundamentally it is a good game, its just not finished, nor will it ever be it seems. I am saving another play through of subnautica for when I get some VR gear, which will likely not be any time soon.

The problem with all the survival crafting games in EA is that they are all the same and other than graphics are primitive when compared to modded minecraft. Fortress craft evolved is worth looking at, buy it on sale. I need polish, balance, and some other scenarios, but I had fun with it for a good while. Just play it on the super fast mode because the game is grindy as hell (you need ridiculous amounts of resources to build things).

What kind of game is this? Do you just build farms and a house for the hell of it? Or is there some kind npc quest system where they ask you to make a bunch of stuff? I have looked at a little, but I still not have have a clear picture of what kind of game this is.

The closest I can think of is Blightfall, which was one of my favorite modpacks. It had you trying to recover an entire planet from the Thaumcraft taint. You start up on your spaceship and teleport down into one of several small biospheres where you could start the process of cleaning the corruption with various machines. You could follow your progress on a dynamic map on the ship.

It kind of falls apart at the end, because development stopped on most 1.7 mods, and the ending machine you need to really clear the entire planet was wildly cantankerous/out right broken. But it was great fun clawing your way up to that point.

My second favorite modpack is probably Age of Engineering which is just a well balanced progression pack, with your goals just being to progress through all the ages and end up with creative items. So nothing as target driven as Blightfall.

I don’t see Factorio mentioned, but I am sure you played that of course.

Will be following this thread, that’s for sure, I love this genre.

NPCs give quests. I’m only a couple of hours in, but I think Stardew Valley is a good comparison, except with crafting instead of farming, and 3D rather than 2D. Mind, it’s still early access.

Stoneblock was huge fun. Very focused, not nearly as grindy. Watch the direwolf playthroughs for a good handle on it.

That sound really cool. I just may have to check it out. Thanks for the info.

Stoneblock looks like an interesting take on the typical skyblock. System Collapse, easily my favorite Minecraft youtube entity, has been playing it as well here -

Most of the conversations you can find on it will probably be at SomethingAwful, it was a favorite there for quite awhile. Probably archived now though.

If you want crafting with purpose, you cannot beat Factorio.

Just took a look at some of the new modpacks at FTB. They’ve changed quite a bit. There was one for a bit that was solo survival. You had to grow crops, survive tougher mobs, etc. The typical machine processing and magic help from other modpacks was toned way, way down. Much more so than the base game, even. Unfortunately I cannot find that modpack now. I want to say it was created by a prolific female modder who was the author of a lot of stuff.

One thing that bothers me about some of these mod packs is that they are really grindy. They just make you go through a bunch of hoops for no good reason. There was one that had me a bit excited, where you started off in a dead world and had to bring it back to life. I had been working on getting a lot of coal from magical crops and then the next task was 64 blocks of char coal. I already had trees and stuff, but this was just a pointless grind.

The stone block mod looks interesting, I may try it out after I finish my xcom 2 run. I hope its not something that makes you do a bunch of bullshit for the sake of doing a bunch of bullshit.

Has anyone tried Space Engineers? It’s a little quirky, but can be a lot of fun. I have not gone back to it since they added planets and what not, but probably need to soon.

Space engineers is a wonderful game, but there’s relatively little ‘survival’ in it and relying on PvP for an ‘end game’ is almost always going to end poorly.

The good mod packs make any grindy request something you are supposed to automate or scale, because you will need the items shortly. The bad ones just want you to grind, and those do in deed suck. Modern Skyblock 3 was a good example of the bad way to do this - it started out OK but by the time you hit chickens it was just amazing how many bullshit steps you had to take for no reason at all.

Age of Engineering is a good example of a pack that does it better.

It has a quest book, and therefore some quests that you probably won’t need the results of. It’s not considered an expert level pack, so the grind isn’t going to be near as bad as those.

That sounds like Life in the Woods. Pretty popular, but I am more on the Blightfall, world ending apocolyptic side of things rather than a walk in the woods ala Thoreau.

Did anyone mention Astroneer?

@Andon mentioned Astroneer.

I just picked up a few mentioned in this thread, including that one. It seems more laid back but quite popular for that reason.

That looks -much- more peaceful than the other mod. I know the highlights of it were pam’s harvestcraft and one of the dungeon expansion mods, thus far tougher monsters. As with a lot of modpacks though it seems it came and went. They tend to do that, unfortunately. I notice Direwolf is still going, which is pretty crazy.

I’m like you and enjoy more of a cutthroat survival versus a, “lots of pretty scenery,” exploration type of game.

I’m realizing the fun of crafting/survival games is playing them co-op. Lately found Conan Exiles and Space Engineers great co-op experiences with a small friendly group.

I’ve been playing ARK with a few here and Conan with an off-board member for a while, both provide a lot of co-op survival fun.

I think I own Space Engineers but have yet to play it.