Crap Game names

Two I’ve spotted lately are ‘Bet On Soldier’ and ‘Gun’. I look forward to the l33t new RTS ‘Order guys around’ and the great MMORPG ‘Socialise with Orcs’.
When these companies spend a zillion dollars making a game, can’t they spare a few hundred for a creative writing course?
Any other crap examples out there?
(and yeah I know ‘Democracy’ aint exactly the best name in the universe, but at least its not “Run the country”).
Or am I just a whining old git?

Anything with dots in it. Pain in the ass to write/type but more importantly, you never know what to search for on search engines. Whether you include the dots or not, you’re gonna miss out on results.

Abomination, and Odium. That’s just handing the reviewers a tag line.

I hate any title that uses a colon.

The Varghina Incident. Although, actually, it’s the greatest game name ever.


133t speak in a game is the gay.

I know I shouldn’t admit this but I still play Abomination from time to time. It’s just good fingerfood when you’re whiling away the days before the release of a game you’re waiting on. The graphics, though, are as dated as the gameplay now but the sound track still rocks. RPG, random maps, pauseable-orders RTS style. If it’d had some smoother controls and a more X-Com like strategic game I think it’d have pleased more folks.

Stupid computer game names? Romance of The Three Kingdoms. Sure that’s the name of the fiction (which nobody over here knows) the game’s based on but it tells the browsing shopper nothing about the game. Sounds like a JRPG or a dating sim or something. Now, Bandit Kings of Ancient China was the right idea. If they’d called it Water Margins after the novel what strategy gamer’d ever pick it up?

You can pretty much go to bluesnews or shacknews at any time and see several horrible game names listed. Like right now:


Elveon (not a horrible name but the dev studio name makes up for it '10TACLE STUDIOS ')

MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3

Heroes of Annihilated Empires

WOFOR: War on Terror

Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood

Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir

Divine Divinity

Strategy games have it bad. How many ways can you combine “empire”, “supreme”, “conquest” and “war” and make it sound original?

“Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War” gets my vote as most overdone and bland title for the next quarter.


Any Japanese (or Japanese-sounding) title. What are they supposed to tell me about the game?

Katamari Damacy

Risk Your Life: Path of the Emporer is pretty stupid, although I do like someone else’s suggestion here that it’s Risk Your Life Ships.

Pro Race Driver is about the most generic name for a racing game since the Atari days.

Bet On Soldier sounds pretty dumb, too. I don’t know if it’s one of those game titles that suffered from an unfortunate translation from another language or what.

Also, any game that uses “extreme” in the title and especially if the first “e” is omitted is retarded.

Well, if your criteria for a bad game name is that it doesn’t tell you anything about the game, there would be a massive amount of games on that list. :)

Vampire: The Masquerade: Redemption: Bloodlines: Cliche: Premise: Shitty: Interface: Dumb: Story

Dungeon Siege.


The History Channel Civil War: The Battle of Bull Run - Take Command: 1861

I’m with Jack on this one. Wargasm. Not only is it a crap name but how many Christmas sales do you think they lost because kids were too embarassed to ask their parents for something that sounds suspiciously like orgasm as a present?

They also dropped the ball with marketting the multi-player aspect of that game. who’s up for some Multiple Wargasm? >.<

Scooter War3z

Heroes of Annihilated Empires gets my vote. It’s so derivative I thought it was a joke the first time.