Crap we watched as a kid

I’m amazed at some of the crap I watched as a kid. Around 1980 I spent every day during the summer watching Pinwheel all day long. That was Nickelodeon’s original name. They showed stuff like this:

I remember watching that episode when I was 11 years old and learning to program my Commadore Vic 20.

I can’t fault you TOO much for watching this; I watched Paddington Bear. But come on, 11?! And at least the ol’ bear talked. This seems like it’s for three-year-olds, tops.

Obligatory Salute Your Shorts mention:

When I was a kid I watched The Clangers, Mr Ben (only later did I notice the themes of suppression and conformity; someone at the Beeb was working something out, I guess), Joe 90, Stingray, Trumpton, Space 1999, The Tomorrow People, and… I can’t remember anything else from the under-8 years.

I used to love the Logan’s Run TV series.

We didn’t get very many TV channels out where we lived when I was a kid, so a lot of my memories are of absolutely terrible cartoons like one based on Abbot & Costello, The Mighty Hercules, Rocket Robin Hood… They weren’t even new at the time, just repeats. Visiting relatives in the big city and getting a proper Saturday morning was like manna from heaven.

We just did a nostalgia run at YouTube the other night here at work. Late night of working too hard and silliness set in. Bananna Splits, Kimba the White Lion, Arc II, Ultraman, H.R. Puffinstuff and tons of other junk we loved. I hadn’t even thought about or seen most of this since I was a kid (aside from the eternally cool - or so I thought until I actually watched the clips - Ultraman).

Edit: Oh, and Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot. Good times.

Oh, man. Classic Bad American Television.

Get Smart, The Munsters, The Addams Family, F-Troop, Hogan’s Heroes, Gilligan’s Island, the original Star Trek, the Herculoids, Space Ghost, Birdman…when I was in college it was the one thing that everybody I hung out with had in common–no matter where we grew up, we all watched the same crap on UHF channels when we were home from school. Except for the girl who grew up in Hong Kong, and had no idea what the rest of us were talking about.

Shit, Acoustic, hardly any of those shows are bad. Well, ok, Gilligan’s Island’s pretty bad, but Get Smart? Hogan’s Heroes? The Addams Family? Those are great.

It was all crap, really. Except Get Smart.

Cartoons and shows of the 70’s - I was born in 65

Johnny Quest - The original
Scooby Doo
Space Ghost
Space 1999
Star Trek
Battlestar Galactica

Shows as a teen

GI Joe
Music Videos :)
A Team
Magnum PI

Birdman can kick Space Ghost’s a$$.

Favorite cartoon as a kid - Star Blazers (that was one badass space faring battleship!)
Close runners-up - Dungeons and Dragons, Thundar, Voltron

Favorite bad TV as a kid : Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rodgers, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Police Squad (not really a kid’s show, but catered to a kid’s sense of humor)


I always think of Kidd Video when I get nostalgic about saturday morning cartoons. Something about a pixie in legwarmers that just works.

I used to love watching…


It wasn’t until only a few years ago that I discovered that it was in fact a horribly censored, torn-to-shreds, then patched up FRAHNKENSHTEEN version of Gatchaman from Japan, where the episodes were actually kind of cool and even made a bit of sense.

sigh…I was just way too enthralled with all the transmutes, the AWESOME way in which all their personal vehicals got tucked away neatly into the main ship, and of course the FIERY PHOENIX!!!

7-zark-7? 1-rover-1? shudder

Ah, the sweet innocence of youth.

edit: I will admit, though, that american version of Battle of the Planets still has the most awesome intro theme music…EVER.

The Magic Garden. My first exposure to hippie lesbian chicks. I also watched Zoom, which apparently is still around.

Oh, i also loved Battle of the Planets. What a cool show.

Star Blazers
Land of the Lost
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Circa 1980 FTW.

Agreeing with Mogg. Salute Your Shorts was awesome.