Crashlands -- Cross-platform crafting ARPG


This is neat, and I love that it has the screen size settings, really nice on ipad pro. Which means I should delete it asap because supposedly I bought this gadget for drawings


Well, you could use the floor tiles to make pixel style art, that’s drawing too right? Loophole!


Massive patch coming and that means the best patch video ever.


I picked this up the day it was released after reading an AMA about it on Reddit a couple years ago. I only put a few hours into it at the time, but just recently reinstalled. I have one lingering question I never did find an answer to, is there a purpose behind constructing walls etc? I understand the purpose of the various workbenches, but I don’t know if there’s any reason to construct buildings. Cosmetics? Is safety of my base an issue later on etc?

I haven’t played since before the big patch mentioned above, so I’m sure there’s lots more to discover too. Thanks for any info on this.


I haven’t played in ages. I’m pretty sure the walls have some value, perhaps defensive, but I honestly don’t recall.


Two years and a half million sales after release, they’re still updating – with moar weapons and better combat!

The COMBOver Patch features an overhaul of combat with 36 new weapons and a brand new COMBO system, plus new unlockables like the Hardcore game mode in which you can only die once, the Creative mode for those who like building magnificent bases or turning their maps into pixel art, and new achievements!

Oh, and it is coming to the Switch…


Came here for the patch update video!

Left disappointed. :(


Seems the game got couch co-op added!