Crazy things to buy on Ebay

I think I’m crazy; I bought a pair of Prada jeans off of Ebay the other week and got it today. How much do these things normally go for anyway? Hell I can’t even remember how I got to be looking for them in the first place.

And they came from Bulgaria, though they have tags & all. Looks like good quality.

— Alan

Bulgaria? Dude, you bought a fake.

Anyway I can tell for sure?

I knew it was overseas, and they have a pretty good rating.

— Alan

Stuff like that isn’t always fake. I bought a pile of designer clothing in the Middle East a few years back, dirt cheap, and they were the authentic goods. Not that I’m some kind of fashion cop, but everything has endured dozens of washes like you’d expect from well made clothing.

Yeah I figured as much, there’s all kinds of weird places you can get things from at the right times. All kinds of fakes too, but as I said this person has a pretty good Ebay history.

Just more nutty things to buy though :)

— Alan

Since it’s all made in third-world sweatshops anyway (that’s pure conjecture on my part), it’s not that unbelievable that some seedy characters secure a shipment or fifty now and then.

Prada jeans are not “crazy”. If you had bought a couple of Bulgarians, then you’d have a story.

Yah but the shipping would be insane, you gotta buy a cargo container, stores of food and water…

Yeah but then they can make you fake Prada jeans forever, so it works out.

Why do I have that Weird Al song in by head…

… found it on e-bay…

You can buy TV’s Angel’s Mercedes on Ebay. It comes with a complientary day of Fun with David Boreanaz! Looks like it ended with no bids, though… Poor guy.