Creative Audigy sound card

My audigy died yesterday. No idea why, it just stopped outputting sound through any channels. So I put back in my machine a sound blaster live I had just sitting there. What a difference in sound quality the audigy makes. As my wife said, “it’s like there isn’t any depth”.

So I thought for a moment I would praise the audigy, and mourn it’s passing. It’s very hard to listen to music on my system now.

Sorry to hear about your audigy, I’ve had one for some time and I’ve always been happy with it.

But I know there are a lot of complaints with SB cards and their drivers. How does the Audigy compare to Turtle Beach cards and the Acoustic Edge? I have an Acoustic Edge at home as well but the Audigy was easier to get working with Teamspeak for some reason.

Do you really lose much by not having EAX 3?

When it comes to hardware and my limited time I have to just take things on faith sometimes. When all the resident hardware guys say the audigy and eax is better, rather than use my limited time to test, I just go ahead and use it. At this point I haven’t gone back to test any games with the sb live card.

What I have noticed is the lack of musical depth. I output the sound from my sound card to a receiver and into a nice set of bookcase speakers. It’s not as nice as setup as I have in a different room, which is where I would go to listen ot a new cd first. I would venture to say that it is a nicer setup then most people use with their computer setup though. Until I replace the audigy, I am having a hard time listening to music on my computer.

My Turtle Beach Santa Cruz finally let me down (KOTOR performance was horrid) so I put it out to pasture and picked up an Audigy 2 ZS. So far no issues but I have only had it a few days. So no longer will I recommend the TBSC, it had a great run but it’s time is up. One good piece of advice I got was just install the drivers and not the extra crap that comes with the card. I hope that leads to longer term stability.

– Xaroc