Creative Labs Zen V or SanDisk e250?

Looking to get a cheaper low end flash-based Windows mp3 player that would let me try out all these subscription music services.

Any thoughts or preferences between either player?

iRiver Clix, if your budget allows.

The e250 has a MicroSD memory expansion slot.

I’ve got a zen V+ and i’m very happy with it - only 2 gig, and i’m running up against that limitation faster than i thought i would, but that’s ok. Just means I need to rotate my music faster.

One problem to note - it needs XP to connect to your computer, i’m guessing for bullshit DRM reasons. Apart from that it’s very no-nonsense, allows you to record directly through line-in, record voice-quality through an inbuilt mic and transfer mp3s back and forth from comp to device.